Oral History Project

This project was organized in 1981 by Sara Wardell, then Director of Scoville Memorial Library with Holly Palmer Daboll. Holly became the Chairman with a group of leading citizens who wished to preserve the memories of older Salisbury residents.

Marion Haeberle became part of the committee and then in 1982 became the Chairman, which position she held until 2006. While she was head of the project, members working on the project met regularly to discuss potential interviewees and share other types of information. Several different members did the interviewing at the beginning and Libby Sisson did much of the transcribing. As fewer people were left to interview due to death or leaving the area, Marion maintained the work of the project alone. There were 117 interviews recorded. This was a multi-step process: taping the interview, copying the tapes, cataloging & storing them, and finally transcribing them. Original copies of the tapes and transcriptions are stored in the library vault and duplicate copies of the transcriptions are in the History Room at the library.

In September of 2010 the project was revived by Jean McMillen. The original concept was to collect memories of older citizens of Salisbury, but Jean first had to have help transcribing the 55 tapes left from the original 117 interviews. She elected to broaden the interview base to include those who work and contribute to the town in some way. She began interviewing in 2012. She created an Index as a reference to 12 topics such as: Art, Buildings, Businesses, Churches, Education, Families (Fires, Geology, the Grove, Health, Inns) Farms, Iron Industry, Music, Names, Politics, (Railroads, Recreation, Sharon Hospital & Clinic, Sports, Town Organizations, War), Towns and Discussion Groups. This Oral History Index is currently available in the computers at the Salisbury Association, the Town Hall, the Scoville Memorial Library, and the Edsel Ford Library at Hotchkiss.

Currently there are 428 fully transcribed interviews. Dick Paddock has converted the taped interviews into MP3 format accessible by computer. There are 5 volumes of selected stories taken from the transcriptions called “Sarum Samplings,” available for purchase at the Academy Building.

New transcriptions will be added to this site as they are prepared.

Ackerman, Blair

Housatonic Child Care Center

Alexander, Dona

Lakeville, Gentile's drugstore, Community Service, Noble Horizons, Robert's property, Harney & Sons Fine Tea

Alexander, Richard

Salisbury, Grove, Jeanette Axleby, SWSA, Navy, Bill Muyskens, Mt. Riga

Aller, Rodney G.

Salisbury 1884-1987, Rev. John Calvin Goddard, Congregational Church, Mt. Riga, Holley Block, Hotchkiss,, Ski jump, Davis Ore Mine, Interlaken Inn, Faram Tavern, Ragamont Inn, Dufour's Garage, Undermountain Inn, Satre skis, Railroads

Anastasio, George

Hotchkiss -1960s, faculty, Drama Dept, A-V Dept. Retirement

Argall, Temby & Orlena

Families of Bartles, Scovilles, Argalls, Salisbury, Taconic

Athoe, J. Kenneth

Lime Rock. Barnum & Richardson foundries, Salisbury Assessor

Baldwin, Gerard

Banking career, Rotary, various town boards, Mt. Mary's Church

Baldwin, Mary-Ellen

Noble Horizons, Jane Lloyd Fund

Barber, Skip

Skip Barber Racing School, Skip Barber Driving School, Lime Rock Park, John Fitch, Rotary

Barnett, Mary Tuttle

Lakeville in 1930s & 1940s

Barnett, William

life of Bill Barnett told by wife and daughters

Barry, Mark

baseball, Salis-Lake Jeweler

Barton, Mary

White Hart Inn, Undermountain Inn, Nobler Horizons , Grove Oversight Committee, EXTRAS

Barton, Patricia

Salisbury Volunteer Ambulance Service, Crescendo

Barton, Richard

Interviewer: Paul Rebillard Place of Interview: 29 Sharon Rd. Date of Interview: File No: 65A Cycle: Summary: family, Army 1946-1968, Lakeville Post Office Interview Audio Interview Transcript Memoir of Richard Barton Transcript of a taped interview. Narrator: Richard L. Barton Tape # 65 a Date: April 19,1988 Place of interview: Barton residence on Montgomery Street (29

Bartram, Brian

Salisbury-Sharon Transfer Station, Salisbury Central School Board

Bartram, James

Salisbury Summer Youth Program

Bartram, John

Salisbury Summer Youth Program

Bates, James H.

#1 Salisbury School history 1901-1990, #2 Sharon Hospital history

Bayersdorfer, David

teacher & coach Housatonic Valley Regional High School,Salisbury Summer Youth Program Director 1982-1999

Bayersdorfer, Nancy

Emily & Agnes Fowler

Bearns, Stuyvesant

Shipman & Goodwin Law firm, Campbell Becket

Beck, Mike

Camp Sloane, Salisbury Municipal Agent Sept. 2005-2018

Becket, Peter

Lakeville 1950-1960, SWSA, Salisbury Youth Hockey, Rudd Camp, Georges Simenon, rr

Beebe Sisters

memories of Lakeville, 1922-1971,Heaton store, 1910-1930, Ken Rossiter,

Beer, Lois Warner

familes Scoville, Warner, Salisbury-1920s, Bushnell Tavern, Buffalo iron industry

Belcher, Benjamin

Belcher family, Grove beginnings, Sarum Village #1, Salisbury

Belcher, Ward

Interviewee: Ward Belcher Narrator: Jean McMillen Place of Interview: Scoville Memorial Library Date of Interview: April 6, 2022 File No: 10, Cycle 5 Summary: The Market Place, Indian Mountain School, SOAR and Salisbury Economic Development Committee Interview Transcript Ward Belcher Interview This is Jean McMillen. I am interviewing Ward C.

Bell, Jean

Twin Lakes, Twin Lakes Association, White Hart, Herrick Travel, Tax Collector,Zoning Board of Appeals

Bellini, Evelyn

Bate Thompson House Lime rock 1941, Flood of 1955, diorama of Mr. Shaw, Salisbury Central School secretary, Harry Bellini's banking career,, Bissell Fund

Belter, Cora

St. Mary's convent School, Wells family, Lakeville High Schoo,l Lime Rock 1930, Dard Hunter paper Industry, Lime Rock Race Track 1956, Hezekiah Goodwin

Belter, Henry

dairy farming, then & now

Belter, Lori

Tri-Arts, Sharon Playhouse, Housatonic Musical Theater Society

Benedict, Kitty

Foxhall Jones, Scoville Memorial Library Board, Berkshire Hills Music & Dance Board, Housatonic Mental Health Center Board, Crescendo Board, Salisbury Family Services Board, Hospice Board, Housatonic Child Care Center Board

Bergdahl, Joan

Lime Rock, 1955 flood, Lime Rock Protection Association, Salisbury Visiting Nurse Association

Bernadoni, Val

Family Background, career path, Superintendent of Region #1, hiatus, Salisbury First Selectman, retirement to Wolcott, Ct.

Berry, Charles

Interviewee: Charles Berry Narrator: Jean McMillen File No: 19 Place of Interview: Scoville Memorial Library Date: Sept. 16, 2023 Summary of Talk: Family background at Hotchkiss, Town Hill 1939-43, Salisbury Central 1943-46, Salisbury School for Boys 1946-51, and summer job at Interlaken Inn 1958. Interview Transcript This is Jean McMillen.

Berti, Cilio

Lime Rock 1913-1986. Barnum & Richardson company

Bianchi, Cynthia

Family background, K & E, Housatonic Youth Service Bureau

Bigos, Barbara

Salisbury Assessor

Binzen, Bill

summers on Lakeville Lake, gold courses, Train trestle, Ragamont Inn, Bill Raynsford, dufour Garage, Barnett's store, home on Brinton Hill, 1955 flood, Grove & Frank Markey, war pil

Blagden, Allen

Indian Mountain School, Hotchkiss, George Van Santvoord, Dr. Noble, Robert Osborn, Tom Blagden, harness racing, Concern

Block, Janet Andre


Bolmer, David

Hotchkiss, faculty child 1955-1973, student 1969-1973, math faculty 1986-2020

Bolmer, Peggy

Hotchkiss School, Sharon Clinic, Sharon Hospital, Nursery school, Town Hill, Salisbury Central School aide, Bargain Box. Salisbury Garden Club, Reading for the Blind

Bolognani, Daniel

Interlaken Inn, Extras, Connecticut Tourist Board, Upper Housatonic Valley National Heritage

Bousquet, Kevin & Michelle

Interlaken Inn

Bowman, Jack

Family background, his musical career path, musical plans for the future at church.

Bradley, William J.

Lakeville School, Evarts family, Capt. Evarts' sword and history, Ore Hill Mine

Brazee, David C.

Mt. Riga, Warden of the Mountain for Mt. Riga Association

Brazee, Edward B.

Factory St., Bunker Hill, Lion's Head, Mt. Riga, Salisbury 1920-1940, hunting & trapping

Brazee, James Belden

Family background, military career, Town Crew, Goshen Diving Team, family connections with Mt. Riga and the Lakeville Hose Company.

Brazee, Paul & Edward B.

Factory St. Ball furnace, Clark Hill Farm, Selleck/Erickson Farm, Mt. Riga 1937-1943, Mt. Riga roads, Mt. Riga fire 1928/29

Bredbrenner, Yvette

Stillwaters Farm, Swan family, travel by rail 1920-1930, Amesville school, Ellen Emmett Radn, Stillwater Farm fire

Brennan, Chris

Interior Design business, Salisbury Association-

Brenner, Michael

Salisbury Volunteer Ambulance Service

Brien, Harold

Teacher at Sharon Center School, Special Education teacher at Housatonic Valley Regional High School, Salisbury Winter Sports Association, skiing

Brigham, Annetta

Unitarian Fellowship 1973-2014

Briscoe, Martha

Briscoe Farm, Democratic Town committee, League of women Voters, Region #1 Board of Education, Jack Briscoe -selectman, plane spotting. identifying aircraft

Brown, Digby

76 Factory Street, Salisbury Association, SWSA, SalisburyHousing Trust, Historic District Commission

Brown, Geoffery #1

Lime Rock Cemetery, Trinity Church

Brown, Geoffery #2

Lakeville Pony club as parent and judge

Brown, Michael

Indian Mountain School

Brusie, Nancy

Secretary to Building Inspector , Planning & Zoning Board Administrator,

Bryant, Paul

Camp Sloane Director 2006-2018, Housatonic Child Care Center

Bucceri, Louis

Indian Mountain School, Salisbury Central School, EXTRAS, Holley-Williams House, Cannon Museum, Salisbury Association, Recreation Commission, St. Mary's Church

Bucceri, Susan Chilcoat

MS, SCS, Time Capsules Town Hall & IMS, Salisbury 1950-70, Methodist church, Pollock family Betty Haas

Buckley, Donald Bright

Salisbury diorama, miniature furniture, Warner House, Congregational Church

Burchfield, Caroline Kenny

Hotchkiss,EXTRAS,SOAR, Noble Horizons, Jane Lloyd Fund, SVAS, Scoville Memorial Library-strategic planning, Salisbury forum

Bushnell, Linda

Interviewer: Jean McMillen Place of Interview: Scoville Library Date of Interview: File No: 73/85 Cycle: Summary: Lakeville Pony Club 1955-2014 Interview Audio Interview Transcript Linda Bushnell Interview: This is file 73. This is Jean McMillen. I am interviewing Linda Bushnell on Pony Club. Today’s date is April 22, 2014. We’ll start with the genealogical stuff.

Campbell, Faith

Amesville -1960-1990

Cannon, Kim

Housatonic Child Care Center

Cantele, Rick

his career at Salisbury Bank & Trust

Card, Gordon

Card family, Lakeville & Main Street changes, WWII, Abe Martin, Sullivan/Morrisey fight in Boston Corners, Hotchkiss

Carlson, Laura

Interviewee: Laura Carlson Narrator: Jean McMillen Place of Interview: Scoville Memorial Library Date of Interview: March 16, 2022 File No: 7 Cycle: 5 Summary: 25 years of Salisbury Association high points, photo-archives, and Volunteer Resource Guide Interview Transcript Laura Carlson Interview This is Jean McMillen. I am interviewing Laura Carlson. She

Carter, John F.

Interviewer: Jean McMillen Place of Interview: Scoville Memorial Library Date of Interview: December 8, 2022 File No: 13 Cycle: 13 Summary: Background, St. John’s Episcopal Church, the New England Baroque soloists, the Coffee House , drumming classes, Spanish mass, Spanish-English language workshops and Vecinos Seguros. Interview Audio Interview Transcript John F.

Carter, Lisa

Salisbury Central School

Cayne, Claudia

Scoville Memorial Library & renovation 2016

Chandler, Chisholm “Chiz”

Salisbury School for boys

Chandler, Rusty

Hotchkiss, Hotchkiss student, Assistant Director of Admissions. Director of Admissions, Sharon Hospital Board, Salisbury Fire Commission, new location of fire house, Salisbury Visiting Nurses Association Board, Salisbury Association Trustee

Chandler, Tina

SVAS Board, Housatonic Art League

Chavous, Martha

Lakeville 1914-1986, Lakeville Methodist Church, Concern, VFW, Community Club

Chilcoat, Katherine

Silver Mountain Farm, Deep Lake Farm, Salisbury Central School, Town Clerk's office, Fitch-Kane sales, Holley-Williams letter reading program, Town Historian 2005-2014, de-accessioning the Holley-Williams House, Wells Hill Harness Racing, Baroody Horse Shows

Chilcoat, Richard

Lakeville, 4H, Chilcoat family, Grove, Methodist Church, baseball, Lakeville Oil Co. Salmon Creek Builders, Salisbury Central School

Clark, Ella

Interviewer: Jean McMillen Place of Interview: Sharon Town Hall Date of Interview: File No: 37 Cycle: 3 Summary: Sharon Town Municipal Agent and Social Worker, founder of Chore Service Interview Audio Interview Transcript Ella Clark Interview This is file #37, cycle 3. Today’s date is June 18, 2018. This is Jean McMillen. I am interviewing Ella

Clark, John

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Ferris, dufour bus co. railroad tracks, Air Force, Jiminy Peak, ski factory in Lakeville, Gt. Barrington Airport flying instructor 1953-1997, Grove changes, Flood of 1955, E. W. Spurr Co. Walter Koladza, Dave Timmens

Clark, John & Gertrude

Lakeville changes to businesses and buildings 1930-1987

Cleaveland, Joseph

Town Hall comptroller, CPA business, Camp Sloane, Lakeville Methodist Church, SWSA

Cleaveland, Paul

dairy industry, harness racing, Holley Knife Factory, Lakeville

Cleaveland, Richard Jr.

Lakeville 1923-1987

Clulow, Amy Rasner


Cohen, Joel

Salisbury Association-treasurer, Civic Activities Committee

Coleman, Jeanine

Oblong Valley Players, Tri-Arts

Collin, Dwight

Interviewer: Jean McMillen Place of Interview: Scoville Library Date of Interview: File No: 107 Cycle: Summary: Mt. Riga Interview Audio Interview Transcript   Dwight Collin Interview: This is file #107. Today’s date is September 11, 2015. This is Jean McMillen and I am interviewing Dwight Collin from Mt. Riga. He is going to tell me

Collins, Barbara

Director of Christian Education at Congregational Church, Board of Region #1 Art fund, Salisbury Band, Salisbury Association Board of Trustees, Historical Society

Collins, Dr. Richard

Sharon Clinic, Noble Horizons, Geer

Collins, Laurie

Housatonic Youth Service Bureau Director

Collins, Lee

Salisbury Band 1928-2012, Housatonics Barbershop Chorus 1986-2012

Colpitts, Jay

Air Force, Pope John II, TWA, Nipon Crgo, Lyons Aviation

Conroy, Abby

Interviewee: Abby Conroy Narrator: Jean McMillen Place of Interview: Building Inspector’s office, Town Hall Date of Interview: March 14, 2022 File No: 6 Cycle: 5 Summary: Job of Planning & Zoning, Wetlands, and Conservancy Interview Transcript Abby Conroy Interview This is Jean McMillen. I am interviewing Abby Conroy who is going

Cook, Charles

Institute of World Affairs

Corbin, Harold & Florence

Salisbury School 1942 -1951-Head of English Dept., antique business the 3 Ravens, Scoville Memorial Library Board-1996

Cowles, Sidney

Lakeville 1896-1982, Ore Hill Mines, President of Community Service (formerly E. W. Spurr

Daboll, H. Davis

Ensign farm, Daboll family, Julie Pettee, Historical Society, Salisbury Association, Oral History Project

Dakin, Agatha

Amesville, flood of 1955

Dakin, Christopher

Family background, education, civic duties, SWSA lawyer

Dann, Evelyn

Lakeville 1925-1985, Bartle family, Indian Mountain School, IMS fire, Connie & Bill Dolittle, Tom Wagner, Denise Restout, Wanda Landowska, Lakeville Methodist Church, GatewayInn, Interlaken Inn

Davidson, Mary

Congregational church, Bell Choir

Dawson, Father M. David

St. Martin of Tours, merger of three parishes

DeChambeau, Franck

Salisbury Forum history

Decker, Isabelle

Lakeville 1930s, telephone operator

Dell, Maureen

Deputy Registrar Republican Town Committee Grove, SWSA, Amesville Association

DelPrete, George R.

Hotchkiss School, Town Committees, Rotary Club, Salisbury Association Historical Society

DeMelle, Walter

Director of Edsel Ford Library at Hothkiss

Deming, Nancy

changes at the SVNA

Diaz-Matos, Mary-Louise Gentile

Interviewer: Jean McMillen Place of Interview: office, Scoville Memorial Library Date of Interview:  March 31, 2023 File No: 14  Summary: Her background, the Apothecary Shop, Lakeville Center: private houses and businesses and a description of the Holley Block. Interview Audio Interview Transcript Mary-Louise Gentile Diaz-Matos Interview This is Jean McMillen.

Diaz-Matos, Mary-Louise Gentile #2

Interviewee: Mary-Louise Gentile Diaz-Matos Narrator: Jean McMillen File No: 16/ Tape 163A Place of Interview: Scoville Memorial Library Date: June 13, 2023 Summary of Talk: local people: Margaret Williams, Wanda Landowska, Denise Restout, Connie Smith, the Knowlton family, Carol Peters, George Ernst, St Mary’s church Interview Audio Interview Transcript Mary-Louise

Dodge, Stacey

Grove , Jim Rutledge, John Pogue

Doolittle, William

Salisbury School for Boys -student 1942-1944, Headmaster Indian Mountain School-1939-1970

Dresser, James

Mt. Riga, Wentworth, Castinook, Camp, Frink House

Drury, Geoffrey

Agronautics 1976-1989

DuBois, James

Salisbury Band 1926-1984

Dunham, Inge

Crop Walk, Haiti Project, Rotary International & Interact Club, Salisbury Housing Trust

Duntz, Gudrun

War bride, learning English with Mae Bissell, Campbell Becket, Lakeville shops, Shagroy Turkey Farm

Duntz, Herbert

Town Crew, The Cedars, Cock robin, Doc Leverty, Paul Argall, Mr & Mrs. Hamm, Maude Silvernail, Bill Raynsford, Lila Nash, Phil Warner, Jakey Holder,Salisbury knife Handle Factory, hunting, trapping

Dwyer, Dan

Harold Erickson, Salmon Kill Farm,3 rare book shops

Eddy, Arthur

Hotchkiss 1963-1994, 1974 girls admitted

Elliot, Joanne

Twin Lakes Archivist, Friends of the Scoville Memorial Library, and Noble Horizons Auxiliary

Erickson, Walter & Marie

Clark Hill Farm, Mt. Riga, early ski jumps, Satre family, White Hart Inn,SWSA

Estabrook, Robert H

railroad history of area, iron industry Lakeville, Lime Rock, & Amesville, Lakeville Journal history, Permabulatory

Estes, Duane

coaching at Hotchkiss & Salisbury, preaching at Congregational Church, Rotary, Sharon Playhouse

Faison, George

Teaching career at Hotchkiss and Taconic Learning Center

Fallon, Caroline

Salisbury Summer Youth Program

Fallon, Louise


Farwell, Jennifer

Lakeville Hose Company, Junior Firefighter Program,Salisbury Veteran Liaison

Farwell, Kenneth Sr.

Salisbury Knife Handle Factory, Phil Warner, Korea, SVAS, Lime Rock Race Track

Fenn, Walter

Lakeville 1920-1930s

Fiertz, Cary

Export risk Management Corp., Salisbury Forum, SWSA, Friends of the Scoville Library, Twin Lakes Association

Fiertz, Kim

Family Services, Twin Lakes Beach Club, Friends of the Scoville Memorial Library

Firuski, Maurice/Housatonic Bookshop

Maurice Firuski, Housatonic Bookshop, Salisbury School, Salisbury Players, Historical Society

Firuski, Orlena

Indian Mountain School Board of Trustees, harness racing, horses, teaching riding, Madeline Wilde & Isabelle Southerland, Gaywood Farm, Barak Matiff Farm

Fish, Lucille

Lime Rock foundry & house 1932-1982, Lime Rock Depression era, Ethan Allen house, Lakeville freight station

Fisher, John Falconer

Scoville family 1782, Scoville iron mines, Scoville farm, early ski jump history from 1928, Catamount, Jiminy Peak, Joyce family, Pickert family, Hopp Rudd's Camp, Abe Martin's Garage, Day House, Scoville houses, Herbert, Edith & Robert, local train service,

Fitch, John Cooper

Army Air Corps WWII, fighter pilot shot down over Germany, sports car racing

Fitting, George W.

Growing up in Salisbury

Fitting, Jane Burgess

Harney & Sons Fine Tea, White Hart, Ragamont Inn, Holley-Williams House, Holley Williams Summer Camp, Historic District Commission, Hotchkiss

Fitting, Michael

Salisbury, band, sports,Congregational Church, Montgomery Masonic Lodge, Fall Festival, Water Polution Boads, Lakeville Hose Company, Salisbury 1905 fire, SWSA, Fire Marshall, Building Inspector

Fitting, Peter

Interviewee: Peter Martin Fitting Narrator:  Jean McMillen  File No.: 18/ Tape 163 B & A Place of Interview:  41 Chatfield Drive Date:    June 15, 2023 Summary of talk: Family background, growing up in Salisbury, the White Hart, Rotary Club, writing group Interview Audio Interview Transcript This is Jean McMillen. Today’s

Fitts, Adelaide

Salisbury High School (Lower Building)-teacher 1931-1939, Regional #1 high School 1939-1947-Dean of Girls, Edward Dorsett, Dr. Stoddard, Republican Registrar-1954-1960, Lakeville Methodist church-teacher, United Methodist Women's Society, Rotary Club luncheons, Noble Horizons

Flint, Michael

Lakeville, Ore Hill Mine, Housatonic Valley Regional High School, Fulco Project, Fuller Brush salesman, Republican Town Committee

Flores, Laura Hawks

Indian Mountain School, Northwest Computer Service, Rotary, Rotary Youth Exchange Program, Interact club, Camp Sloane

Flynn, Jack

Flynn family, Air Force. Flynn Farm, Franklin Vaill Farm(Rose Hill Farm), Paul Cleaveland Farm (Oak Wood Farm(, Albert Faybin/Dilsworth/Gomez (Quality Farm), Wells Farm), harnass racing, Lime Rock Race Track, Hotchkiss short cut, kids ski jump,, Gateway Inn, Wake Robin Inn, Interlaken Inn, railroad trestle & station, Lakeville 1920-1992

Fowle, William

Hotchkiss 1938-1950, George van Santvoord-Hotchkiss Headmaster, basketball team, baseball team, Hop Rudd's camp, gold-Hob Nob Hill, Lakeville, Ames iron Works, Belcher family, Baur Fund, Civil War

Fowlkes, Grace

Black History, Artie Shaw, Childs family, Jonathan Warner, Mae Bissell Concern

Fox, William

Interviewer: Jean McMillen Place of Interview: Geer village Date of Interview: File No: 57/69 Cycle: Summary: Rotary Club history Interview Audio Interview Transcript   Fox Interview: This is file 57. This is jean McMillen and I am interviewing Mr. William Fox charter member of the Salisbury Rotary Club. He is going to talk about the

Gafney, Leo

Mt. Mary's Church, Never Stop Praying, Syrian family, Salisbury Housing Trust, Salisbury Central School Board, Peer Learning

Gallup, Dr. William

Sharon Clinic, Sharon Hospital, Salisbury Visiting Nurses Association, Salisbury Winter Sports Association

Gallup, Jean

OWLS Kitchen-early history, Lakeville Journal, Hotchkiss, Planning & Zoning Salisbury Central School-board, Democratic Town Committee, Family Services-board

Garrity, Madeline

fire at Garrity home 1937, Garrity family, stone quarry at end of Cleaveland Street, Lakeville School, St. Mary's convent School, Stuart Theater, Stuart fire, Dec. 25, 1958, First National cashier 1942-1967, Dolan Garrity Plumbing, Boarding house, rr trestle,

Gerstel, Karin

Undermountain Weavers original, Democratic Registrar, Undermountain Weavers recent, Creative Hands, Day Care Center, OWLS Kitchen, poll worker

Gevert, Christine

Wanda Landowska, Denise Restout, Cresendo

Gilman, Kristina

Housatonic Child Care Center

Gomez, Patricia

Quality Farm, funeral home, Methodist Church, Antiques Fair, Fall Festival, Rotary lunches, 1955 flood, assistant town Clerk, Town Hall fire

Goodwin, Hezekiah

family, American Rev. War of 1812. iron business, Barnum & Richardson Company, Lime Rock School, Salisbury High School, farming, PO and general store, railroads

Graham, Leon

Lakeville Journal, Friends of the Scoville Library, Salisbury Forum

Grant, Penelope H.

Maple shade (Ragamont) Inn, Barackmatiff Farm, Hessian soldiers, Dutch settlers by Dutcher's Bridge, Indians settled 1700 by Weatogue Road, Ore Hill Mine 1731, Andy Fox, Fox Hunter bottled water, Hunter family, Grenville Hunter photographer, Scoville Library photo collection, Town Hall concerts, Grove owner. Scoville Library art shows, Noble Hoizons volunteer,

Griggs, Steve #1

his reconstructed log cabin, Castinook Camp, Mt. Riga

Griggs, Steve #2

Frank MacArthur-Baseball coach

Gustafson, Alice #1

Lime Rock 1927 to late 1930s, Lime Rock school, Lakeville High School,

Gustafson, Alice #2

Ensign & Goodwin families, Lime Rock 1927-1948, Lime Rock School, Lakeville Journal, Trinity Church Interlaken Inn, Dard Hunter

Haas, Elizabeth

Salisbury Congregational Church

Haeberle, Marion

Salisbury Central School, Oral History 1982-2004,Rotary lunches, Lakeville Methodist Church, Taconic Learning Center

Hallihan, William

Lakeville, Basketball league,skiing Lakeville buildings Main St.,, Holley Knife factory, HobNob Hill, Kent Fulton, St. Mary's convent School, Lakeville School,

Hammond, Dean

Ragamont Inn 1955-1972, Barnett's Store, Santa Claus, State police, Hammond Bus Company, Lakeville Livery, Grove

Hannegan, Louise

Rudd family, Hopp rudd's camp, Holleywood, Perkins boarding house,Rev. Calvin Goddard, golf-Hob Nob Hill

Harney, Alexander

Harney & Sons Fine Tea, Harney Cafe,

Harney, Brigitte

Family background, Harney Tea Company, retail shop and restaurant.

Harney Elyse & Morris, Elyse Harney

White Hart 1960-1983, John Harney Sr., Salisbury Volunteer Ambulance Service, Selectman, Harney Real Estate, Sarum Tea

Harney, Emeric

Harney & Sons Fine Tea, retails shops on Brook St, Railroad Plaza, and Broome St. SOHO, NY, podcast

Harney, John Jr.

White Hart, hunting & trapping with Howard Morey, SVAS, Guardian Catering, Assessment Board of Appeals

Harney, John Jr. #2

White Hart Inn, Salisbury

Harney, Michael

Harney & Sons Fine Tea

Harney, Paul

Interviewer: Jean McMillen Place of Interview: 5723 Route #22 Date of Interview: File No: 68 Cycle: 2 Summary: Harney & Sons Fine Tea Interview Audio Interview Transcript Paul Wm. Harney Interview: This is file #68, cycle 2. Today’s date is Sept. 13, 2017. This is Jean McMillen. I am interviewing Paul Harney of Harney & Son

Harris, Wm. Reese

WWII 10th Mnt division, Skiers, Satre family, Ole Hegge, Bergen Torrison, Jack Fisher, Catamount, Thornhill, Ohlinger's Used Cars, Satre skiis,

Harvey, Judith & Vergne

Lakeville,Lila Nash, World War II,Salisbury Band girl and boy scouts, 1955 flood, Grove- Dave Timmons,Gateway Inn, skiing, Lakeville Methodist Church, Connie Smith, Lakeville Arms, Harvey Lures, Lakeville Molded Plastics, "The Thelma"

Haupt, Michael

his home, Twin Lakes, Twin Lakes Association, Twin Lakes Beach Club, Isola Bella, Bill PicKert

Hawkins, Robert

Hotchkiss faculty & staff 1945-1986, Scoville family,Cleaveland family, Dr. & Mrs. Beuhler, Maurice Firuski, John Cardoza, Lizzie Hartford

Hawley, Kathy

SB&T, Lion's Club, Hospice, town organizations

Heck, David

Lakeville Diorama, Salisbury Association

Heckel, Inge

Friends of the Scoville Memorial Library-history

Hedbavny, John

Camp Sloane, Ole Hegge, Connie Smith, robert C. Buss, Methodist Church, Rotary

Hicks, John

Twin Lakes Beach Club, White hart, Community Service, Appalachian Trail

Higgins, Jonathan

The Village Store, cross country skiing,SWSA, Planning & Zoning Board, Salisbury Family Services, SVAS, Twin Lakes Association

Hines, Charles “Chip”

Grasslands Farm, Union Chapel,Holley Hill Stables, Pony Club, Camp Everett, Salisbury Pharmacy, Whitbeck family, Stanley Mason Sarum Tea

Hoage, Kirstyn

Salisbury summer Youth Program, Junior Firefighting Program

Hoage, Russell

Salisbury Summer Youth Program, Salisbury Town Crew, Lakeville Hose Company

Hoffman, John

Indian Mountain School, Scoville Memorial Library Renovation 2015-2016

Hoskins, Stewart

Lakeville Jounral publisher 1940-1971, controversial issues of the day

Hoysradt, Lester (Oogie)

Roadring Oaks Florist, Raggies, Hoysradt family, Factory St. & Riga Lane, Holley Knife Factory, Salisbury Artisans, Windy Hill Farm., Town Hall building plans, affordable housing

Hurlbutt, Donald

baseball,skiing, high school, Grove, Army, Town Strategic Planning Committee

Ives, Howard

Sports, Bicron, La Bonne's Market, Appalachian Trail

Johnson, Gordon

Veterinarian, names of various selectmen, P & Z, SCS Board of Ed. Regional Bd. of Ed. HCCC, school renovation, 55 flood, Town Hall fire

Johnson, Ian

family background, father & mother's occupations, his career before Salisbury School, Head of Art Department at Salisbury School , wife's business in Sharon burbury School, Wife' business

Johnson, Kayla Bell

Assessor's job

Johnson, Laura & Earl

Lime Rock, Taconic, Schools, WW II at home, Dr. Stoddard, 55 flood, Air Force Korea, Grove

Jones, Ronald D.

Tri-Corner History council, Salisbury Association Historical Committee, Beckley Furnace, Scoville Memorial Library 200th Anniversary,Tuesdays @ 6, Ethan & John

Keil, Marcia Rudd

Malcolm Day Rudd, Lakeville, Rudd family

Keller, Baxter

Grove swim team, Boy Scouts, Marines, Holley-Williams Camp, guitars, scuba diving, Sultans of Soot, The Casino

Kellogg, George D. Jr.

Hotchkiss various, Lakeville 1940s, Polio Leverty Drugstore, barbershops, Halfway House (Woodland) Jigger Shop, RR, Wake Robin, Interlaken, The Cedars

Kelly, Mary McCone

various schools, doctors, Maude Silvernale, Branch, dineen families RR, Stuart fire, Lakeville businesses

Kenny, Meghan

Purpose and need of Home Assistance, Indian Mountain School Lower Campus

Kent, Alice

banking career

Kent, Peter

Bicron electronics, Lakeville Hose Co., Parks Project, Market Place of Salisbury, Board SVAS, SA Trustee & Land Trust, Salisbury Summer Youth Work Program

Keur, Willem

Salisbury School faculty & administrator, teachers and leads of school 1930-1940s

Key, Kay

Salisbury Garden club, Beautification Committee, Noble Auxiliary, Scenic Roads Committee

Key, Tom

Habitat for Humanity, Scoville Memorial Library, Tuesdays @ 6, Taconic Learning Center, Salisbury Association Land Trust

Kiefer, George #1

Kiefer family, Hollister House, Salisbury School, Navy WWII, farms: Hewitt, Erickson, Hamlin Hill, Bauer, Holmes, Nelson, Surdam, Crosby, Miner, Windfall (Baldwin Reed, Tree Warden duties, rowing

Kiefer. George #2

Salisbury School, Grenwald Farm, Hollister House, Cock Robin, SWSA, Tree Warden, selectman, 1955 flood, Christmas Tree Farm

Kiefer, Mathias

his farm, Tree Warden 2014-?, Surveying business, Salisbury summer Youth Program, SWSA, Board of Finance, Sewer Commission,Agricultural Education Advisory Committee at HVRHS, Salisbury Cemetery Association, Salisbury Volunteer Ambulance Service Board

Kimble, Myrtle

Lakeville , Selectman Abram Martin Jr. , Abram Martin Sr.

Kirber, Sue

Women's support Service, Habitat for Humanity, her shop Riga Trader, Salisbury Visiting Nurse Association, Housatonic Child Care Center, and Democratic Town Committee

Kirby, Edward

Mt. Riga geology, iron industry various caves, other aspects of geology

Knickerbocker, Howard

Salisbury surveyor, Factory Street

Kosak, Bev

Harney & Sons Fine Tea, her bluegrass band, George Kiefer

Kremer, Anne

Salisbury Housing Committee

Kreta, Father John

Family background, career path to Priesthood, and All Saints in America Orthodox Church information.

Kurnath, Father Joseph

St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church

La Chaine, Nicholas #1

Interviewer: Jean McMillen Place of Interview: 41 Chatfield Drive Date of Interview: File No: 30 Cycle: 2 Summary: Salisbury School for Boys sophomore Interview Audio Interview Transcript Nicholas La Chaine Interview: This is file #30, cycle 2. This is Jean McMillen; I am interviewing Nicholas La Chaine who is an in-coming junior at Salisbury School for

LaChaine, Dylan

9th grade student at Indian Mountain School

LaChaine, Nathan

Salisbury School for boys freshman, Salisbury Summer Youth Program

LaChaine, Nicholas #2

Chore Service worker

Laemmel, Rev. Margaret

Family background, first career as ESL teacher for 16 years in Japan, second career as Methodist minister.

Lamb, Rachel

Mt Riga, Raggies, Fire at Town Hall, Town Hall-Assistant Town Clerk,

Lamson, Reginald

Salisbury, Salisbury Central School, Grove, Lamson family SWSA

Langdon, Anne

Salisbury School early Headmaster George Langdon,,faculty members, sports program

Lankler, Rod

various boards: Salisbury Visiting Nurses, Wetlands/Conservation Commission, Salisbury Forum, Market Place, Affordable Housing, Lake/Fitting Property Committee, Transfer Station building Committee, SOAR

Latimer, Natalie Peabody

Wononsco House, Wake Robin Inn, Grove, Dave Timmems, "Nina", Ralph Schwaikert, Randall House, Tom Lot Norton, Holley Mgf. building, The Hub, Lakeville Journal & Mr. Jones editor, Dr. Hern, Francis brothers, Mike Flynn, Tokone Hills

Leech, Robinson Jr.

Real estate broker, Salisbury Highway Beautification Project, ski instructor, soccer referee

Levin, Macey

Interviewee: Macey Levin Narrator: Jean McMillen Place of Interview: Scoville Memorial Library Date of Interview: File No: 5 Cycle: 5 Summary: Holley-Williams House, staging of Maria Holley’s Diary, Aglet Theater, John Neufeld’s writing group, and Northwest Jewish Community Group. Interview Transcript Macey Levin Interview This is Jean McMillen. I am interviewing

Lindy, Heidi

Interviewee: Heidi Lindy Narrator: Jean McMillen Place of Interview: Scoville Memorial Library Date of Interview: Feb. 16.2022 File No: 52 Cycle: 4 Summary: Background, Creative Hands. Interview Transcript Heidi Lindy Interview This is Jean McMillen. I am interviewing Heidi Lindy. She is going to talk about her background and the nonprofit

Littauer, William

Lake Wononscopomic Association, Salisbury Forum, Civic Life Project, Salisbury Dog Park

Lloyd, Jeffery

Grove, Jane Lloyd Fund,Salisbury Central -board,Zoning Board of Appeals

Loi, Jo

Youth concerts, Story hour,PE techer Cronwall & Falls Village

Loi, Kiau

Hotchkiss, Salisbury School for boys

Longley, Nan

Scoville Memorial Library Board, Friends of Scoville Library, Hotchkiss Edsel Ford Library, Lakeville Journal Index 1859-1975, Salisbury Garden Club

Lorenzo, Marchello

Ore Hill mine, Wanda's Package Store, Stone Real Estate, Fish Real Estate,Lime Rock, Rudman Hall, foundary fire, George Richardson, Milmine estate

MacLaren, Jane

Chore Service -Director of Programs

Magyar, Stephanie

Salisbury Central School Principal 201-?

Manko, Janet

Lakeville Journal, Housatonic Child Care Center, Tri-|State chamber of Commerce

Markey, Francis B.

Lime Rock, Salisbury, Lime Rock school,Hotchkiss, Lime rock foundries, Buckley & Buckley House, Buchnell Tavern, St. John's, Henry Chiera, Borden Company, Scoville Manufacturing, railroad passenger and freight service

Marks, Tess

Interviewer: Jean McMillen Place of Interview: 51 Chatfield Drive Date of Interview: File No: 15 Cycle: 4 Summary: SOAR Programs Interview Audio Interview Transcript Tess Marks Interview This is file # 15, cycle 4. Today’s date is July 8, 2019. This is Jean McMillen. I am interviewing Tess Marks, who is my youngest interviews. She is

Massey, George

Land Trust, Habitat for Humanity, Women's Support Services

Mathus, Nina

Twin Lakes, Twin Lakes Association, Noble Horizons Auxiliary

Maus, Janet Vaill

Interviewer: Jean McMillen Place of Interview: 48 Woodland Drive Date of Interview: File No: 148A Cycle: Summary: VE Day, airplane spotting , Grove, Assistant Town Clerk, Woodland Restaurant, Vaill Farm Interview Audio Interview Transcript This is Jean McMIllen interviewing Janet Vaill Maus at her home, 48 Woodland Drive, Lakeville, Ct. the date is June 19,

Mayland, Donald

Mayland chime Co. Marine Study Program LLC, Hotchkiss, scuba diving, #17 Old Furnace Road, Litchfield Bancorp Board, Finance Board, SVAS Board Chair,Market Place Board, Sewer Commission

McArthur, David

Lakeville, Christmas at Barnett's store, Dr. Jo Evarts, Mr. Wilber Hemmerly, baseball, Doug the bat boy, Time Out Foundation

McAuliffe, Lisa

Director of Recreation, Recreation Commission, Camp Sloane, SVAS

McCabe, Frank Wells

Salisbury, Mt. Riga, Mt. Riga Corporation

McCabe, Mike

Mt. Riga, Mt. Riga Corp. 1922, Wish-Come-True, School District #14 Riga school, Lion's Head Books, Raggie Books, baseball, Indian Mountain School

McCord, Priscilla

Interviewee: Priscilla McCord Narrator: Jean McMillen Place of Interview: Scoville Memorial Library Date of Interview: April 5, 2022 File No: 9 Cycle: 5 Summary: Hotchkiss School, Town Hill and the merger with Indian Mountain School, Northwest Center for Family Services and Mental Health, and boards of Family Services and Chore Service.

McGarry, Jason

Navy career submarines, American Legion, Digitization of WWI material

McGrath, Patrice

Interviewer: Jean McMillen Place of Interview: Salisbury Family Service office Date of Interview: File No: 97/109 Cycle: Summary: Salisbury Family Services Interview Audio Interview Transcript Patrice McGrath cover sheet: Interviewee:Patrice DeMarco McGrath Narrator;Jean McMillen File #:97/109 Place of interview:Salisbury family Services office Date:June 18, 2015 Summary of talk:Purpose of Salisbury Family Services and how they

McKee, Roger

Salisbury School for Boys-student, Salisbury School for Boys-35 year faculty member, Methodist Church, Camp Sloane, Salisbury Central School, ambulance squad, land trust

McLane, Babs

Factory St. first selectmen, Lakeville, Beehive, Margaret Williams, Stuart's Theater, Holley Block, Lakveille garages, McLane gas station, health care for those in need, Harry Miller's Christmas party, summer people vs weekenders

McMillen, Foster

Early Sharon Hospital, Conn. RR Historical Association, Rev Henry and Sally Chiera

McMillen, Jean Porter #1

Oral History 2010-2018, Salisbury Town Historian 2014-?

McMillen, Jean Porter #2

Interviewer: Meghan Kenny Place of Interview: 41 Chatfield Drive Date of Interview:  April 7, 2022 File No: 45 Cycle: 2 Summary: Background, teacher at Salisbury Central, Sabbatical, building of house, responsibilities of town historian and hobbies. Interview Transcript Jean McMillen Interview: Welcome Jean!   Jean: Thank you   Interviewer: I know I already introduced

McMillen, Jean Porter #3

Narrator: Helen Klein Ross Place of Interview:  41 Chatfield Drive, Lakeville, Ct. 06039 Date:  January 24, 2024 Summary of talk: Salisbury Central School 1967-1991, “Effective Use of Retirement” Award from Keuka College, Sept.23, 2023, Sabbatical from Region #1 1987-1988 to study the British Education System, Building her house as a

McMullan, Daniel

Hotchkiss, Lakeville Internet, Small Fish

Mera, Kathy

Housatonic Valley Regional High School-librarian, Deputy Registrar Democratic Town Committee, Salisbury Association-Civic Activities Committee, Co-chair Fall Festival

Miles, Marshall

radio stations-Lakeville & Sharon

Miles, Richard A.

Music program at IMS and Salisbury School

Miller, Fran & Pete

Mt. Riga, over winter 1999-2000, Wentworth

Miller, Gloria

Interviewee: Gloria Miller Narrator: Jean McMillen Place of Interview: Scoville Memorial Library Date of Interview: Feb. 22, 2022 File No: 4 Cycle: 5 Summary: Background, Salisbury Association Land Trust Committee, liaison for Salisbury Beautification Committee, Friends of the Scoville Library, and Aglet theater. Interview Transcript Gloria Miller Interview This is Jean

Milmine, Mary

history of Salisbury Public Health, Henrietta van Cleft, various schools

Mongeau, Hope

her house Francis cottage, art, All Saints of America

Mongeau, John

Housatonic Valley Regional High School, Salisbury summer Your Program-history, All Saints of America, Fire District, Lakeville Hose Co.,Salisbury Fire Commission, Grove Oversight Committee, Bissell Fund, George Kiefer

Montgomerie, Bruce


Monti-Catania, Rev. Diane

minister of Salisbury Congregational Church

Moore, Judi

Housatonic Valley Regional High School, Habitat for Humanity, This & That from Habitat

Morey, Howard C. #2

Clark Hill Farm, White School (Grove St.) Charlie Ball, fishing, charcoal pitdescription, Sellecks & Sellick Hill, baseball, Salisbury Town Fair. George Frink, Judge Warner, Mt. Riga roads, cider mills & presses, Fred Marston-blacksmith , trucking coal to schools the Lock-Up, deer hunting

Morey, Howard Clayton #1

Brown & white churches, Grove St. Lakeville High School, and Academy schools, hunting, Mt. Riga, camps Factory St. Stuart Theater, Oxy Christine, wood products, cutting ice, kettles and troughs, Salisbury Town Fair. Fox Hunter spring water, from pig to pork

Morrill, William

Berkshire-Litchield Environmental Counsel, Planning & Zoning Board, Parks & Forest Commission, Affordable Housing Advisory Board, Salisbury Association- Land Trust, Holley-Williams House, Holleywood

Morrison, Sarah

Republican party poll worker, Salisbury Association Committees, WOW

Moskowitz, Virginia

Twin Lakes, Salisbury, Berkshire Hills Camp, Scoville Library History Room, Town Historian 1987-1999.

Miss Tracy’s School

Miss Tracy's School, Bissell Hall, Mary Helen (Sis) Holley Brewer, Carolyn Fisher Cadman, Adelaide Emery, Virginia(Ginger) Smithers Gilman,Charlotte Hall Reid

Mulligan, Eileen

Noble Horizons history

Murray, Lucille

Cleaveland family,. Lakeville, "The Pines"

Nash, Lila #2

Mt. Riga's iron industry, the village, Raggie name, Mt. riga school, amos Bonhotel, mountain fire 1930s Factory Street, Phil Warner, Salisbury Artisans, Riga tales, Civil War, Iron Guard flag, Mt. riga corporation, Charlie Ball, Lincoln, Grant & Civil W Dave Brazee, 1955 Tri - State Park issue, Clayton Heizer, Front

Nash, Lila

Congregational Church, Salisbury fire 1903, Lakeville High School, Lakeville train station,trestle and freight station, ice cutting, swmming, sledding, The Patch, Robert's Building description, old Salisbury Bank building, charity & Delia Fratts, Josephine Cullen's milliner shop silent movies, WWI, Girls Friendly club, Lakeville High school class trip 1921, Wononsco House, Conference

Nelson, Rev. John A.

Congregational Church, his ministry, church organization, Outreach programs

Nicholls, Barbara

Beautification Committee, Corner food Pantry

O’Brien, Robert

McCabe & Wells family, Mt Riga, Wish-Come True

O’Dea, Maeve

Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation

O’Hara, John

O'Hara family, Hurley family,various buildings on property, Hillcrest School, Institute of World Affairs, WWII, art colony

Ohmen, Chris

Lakeville Hose Co. military service, VFW, American Legion

Oliver, Peter

Town Hall fire, Building Inspector, Fitness Center, Marines, John Harney Sr. Anita Kuhn,, selectman, #31 Millerton Road

Oliver, Sandra Gomez

Family background, Noble Horizons, On the run!, Housatonic Child Care Center, Inn at White Hollow, "Solutions for Seniors", "Sassafras B & B", Salisbury Chamber of Commerce, Northwest Girl Scout council, Lyons Club, run for selectman, Board of Finance, Zoning Board of Appeals, and Salisbury Winter Sports Association.

O’Loughlin, Thomas #1

Ore Hill Mine, Lakeville 1930-1940s, Hotchkiss, Post Office, bowling alley, sledding, fishing, WWII Civil defense, airplane spotting tower., Hugo Paavola, the Jigger Shop, Bubbles & Bows, Stuart Theater, Farnam Tavern, Gateway Inn

O’Loughlin, Tom #2

Ore Hill, baseball, Post Office, Holley Block, Hotchkiss, Salisbury Fare Catering, Farnam Tavern,

Oppenheimer, Mary Close

Salisbury Forum, Salisbury Affordable Housing Commission, documentary for Fire Department & Ambulance Service, art career

Osborne, Robert

George Van Santvoord, Hotchkiss, social life, Art department, WWII in Pacific, Spanish War

Paddock, Richard

Scoville family, Paddock family, Taconic, railroads

Paine, Lois Sherwood

Sherwood, Webb, Bradley & Everett families, American Revolution & Thomas Paine, Salisbury 1920-1988

Paine, Tom

Grasslands Farm, Lakeville Hose Co, SVAS, Town Crew, Lime Rock Park, Camp Washinee Woods, Taconic General Store fire, Taconic, Town Hall fire

Palmer, Joan

Housatonic Child Care Center 1970-1995, art career, Lakeville

Parsons, George

Salisbury Knife Factory, Salisbury Artisans, Olympics, his house, Grove Street School, Frank Pogue's garage

Perkins, Gabriel

Hotchkiss during Covid 19 Pandemic

Perotti, Bart

ILime Rock,iron Barnum & Richardson, Ames iron works, Ore Hill Mine, Casino, RichardN. Barnum, Charles Barnum, Dard Hunter, Dard Hunter Paper Mill, Lime Rock Post Office, General Store, Borden Creamery, Dietz Lantern Company, Milmine estate, Milmine family, Lakeville businesses

Perotti, John

Family background, Vietnam, banking career with Salisbury Bank & Trust from 1973 to 2018.

Pogue, Barbara

Taconic Power House, Salisbury School for boys, Zoning Board of Appeals, Democratic town committee, Owls Kitchen (Food Pantry), Salisbury Housing Trust, Congregational Church

Pogue, John

Power House, Grove-Director, Habitat for Humanity

Pohl, Nick

Interviewer: Jean McMillen Place of Interview: Scoville Library Date of Interview: File No: 25 Cycle: 3 Summary: Housatonic Youth Service Youth Bureau Director 2010-2018 Interview Audio Interview Transcript Nick Pohl Interview This is file #25, cycle 3. Today’s date is March 6, 2018. This is Jean McMillen. I am interviewing Nick Pohl who is the current

Pond, William

Noble Horizons, under new administration, future plans

Pouler, Toby

Hotchkiss senior class of 2020

Quinby, Magdalena

Interlaken Inn, Mr. & Mrs. John Percy's, inn secretary

Rand, Curtis

First Selectman & duties Grove trees, Grove Building, Land Trust project

Rawlins, Roger

Resoursc Evaluation Group, Zoning Board of Appeals, Sewer Commission, SCS Board Chair Recreation Commission

Rebillard, Paul A -B

Taconic, school in Taconic, charcoal & iron industry, father was a collier. describes charcoal pit, Ernest Rebillard, Dave & Fill Fink

Rebillard, Paul C & D

Taconic, Lakeville, farming tasks, ice harvesting, cutting logs, haying, storage, harvesting corn, Taconic School, Scoville estate, town changes, Grasslands farm

Reid, Charlotte Hall

Hall family, Lakeville, SCS board of ed chair, WWII NYC Office of War Information, Gordon Reid, Housatonic Mental Health Center, First Selectman 1973-1989, location of Transfer Station, Erickson's farm

Reid, Darren

Transfer Station, SWSA, SVAS, Lakeville Hose Company

Reid, Katherine Schafer

ambulance service, 911 dispatcher, Holley Wlliams House, Cannon Museum

Reifsnyder, Lynn

Mt. Riga ,iron, Package store, Barnett;s Store Lakeville Pony Club Art, George Baer, Salisbury Central teachers, Grove & sock hops, Ballet with Helen Haines

Reifsnyder, Richard

Congregational Church, his path to ministry, Rev. Charles W. Ranson

Reyelt, Dr. Peter

Background, Sharon clinic (1966-1985), and EMT training course for ambulance squads 1969-1972..

Rice, Denise

Little Scholar School, salisbury Central School, bus driver, Tax Collector 1973-2011, St, Mary's organist, Denise Restout, Wanda Landowska, Bissell Fund, Salisbury Family Services, Noble Horizons Auxiliary

Rice, Jacqueline

Salisbury Volunteer Ambulance Service

Rinnisland, Rhonda

Twin Lakes, swimming instructor

Rogers, John

Interviewer: Jodi Stone Place of Interview: his home Date of Interview: File No: 90 A & B Cycle: Summary: Salisbury Bank & Trust, Interlaken Inn, Mr. & Mrs. John Percy Interview Audio Interview Transcript MEMOIROfJOHN E. ROGERSTranscript of a taped interview. Narrator: John E. Rogers. Tape#: 90 A & B. Date: March 20, 1992. Place

Rogers, Paula McGivern

Lakeville, SCS special activities, IMS dancing lessons

Romeo, Marion

Lakeville businesses, WWII rationing, Farnam Tavern, Holley-Williams House, Holley Block, Regional #1 teacher

Roraback, Barbara

Dr. Peterson, Grove St. School, Salisbury Knife Handle Factory, Salisbury Visiting Nurses Association, Salisbury Pharmacy (Whitbeck's), House of Herbs, Salisbury, Lakeville, Jigger Shop, Jakey Holder, Lila Nash, Judge Don Warner, Cock Robin, Agnes & Emily Fowler

Ross, Donald

Salisbury Forum, Salisbury Association Trustee

Ross, Helen Klein

Holleywood renovation

Roussis, Tonya

Housatonic child Care Center

Rudd John K.

Rudd family, Holleywood and description of its building, Charles Rudd, Holley family

Rutledge, Jim

Grove Director 1976-1982

Shadic, Brenda

Dotty smith Inc. Harney & Sons fine Tea

Sakl, Rebecca

Housatonic Youth Service Bureau Clinician

Salisbury, Molly

Children's Librarian-Scoville Memorial LIbrary, SOAR Program Committee

Savage, Priscilla

Rossiter family, Lakeville 1930-1945, later changes, Green Realty building

Schenkel, Rolf & Renee

Ragamont Inn-history 1970s-2000

Schmaling, Mary

Hamlin Hill farm, Wishbone farm, Postal worker, buy, restore and sell pianos, Taconic school & teacher, movies at Robert's Hall,"Old Stone House" in Taconic, Abe Martin, Ellen Emmett Rand, George Clark's general store

Schwab, Gustav

Mt.Riga village to ghost town, Mt. Riga Corporation

Scott, Jill

Salisbury Garden Club 1913-2003

Scott, Neil

Hotchkiss School, Rotary

Scoville, Dr. Herbert

H.Scoville mansion build 1911, rebuilt 1924, fire 1911, 1924, Maurice Firuski, WWII, Civil Defense, 1954 nuclear explosions, CIA, Arms control, Scoville Ore Bed, Housatunic bookshop

Scribner, Robert

Selleck Hill, salisbury 1920-1930, Academy School, Grove Street School, Salisbury Main Street changes, Lakeville Main Street changes

Seitz, David

Lakeville, sports Navy

Sellery, Father David

path to priesthood, St. John's Episcopal Church, Syrian family

Shannon, Celeste

Wagner-McNeil Insurance,Bissell fund, SVAS,SWSA, Lakeville Lake Association, IMS

Shariff, Shaffin

Wake Robin

Shaw, Leila

Salisbury Visiting Nurses Association, Black History, Lakeville Methodist Church, Dr. Noble, Tom Blagden, Charlotte (Pete) Miner

Sherwood, Stanley

George Kiefer, tree work, Salisbury Garden Center 1957-1988, ski jumping, hunting, fishing

Shortelle, Kathy

Salsibury Visiting Nurses Association history, Salisbury Hospice, Family Services, Bissell Fund, Nightingale Award

Silliman, John

Twin Lakes Association, Twin Lakes Beach Club

Sills, Norm #2

Institute of World Affairs, Miles farm, Hamlin Hill farm, Appalachian Mountain club, Appalachian Trail, Town Historian 1999-2005, book Salisbury from Primitive Frontier to Flourishing Town

Sills, Norman #1

Swim for $.25, various farms, Institute of World Affairs, !955 flood, CNE & NH RR, Appalachian Trail, town Historian 1999-2003

Silvernale, Florence May Parmalee

Ore Hill, Ore Hill School Wake Robin, Drummonds, Holley-Williams family, description of Holley-Williams house

Silvernale, Jeffery

Lime Rock, Lime Rock Cemetery Board, Hollenbeck Club

Slagel, Bob & Maggie

Interlaken Inn, Rotary, Salisbury Chamber of Commerce, Salisbury Catering

Sloan, Noel

Family background, year at Hotchkiss, career path to US, Board of Trustees President, his responsibilities, and renovation completed in 2016.

Sloane, Isobel

Scoville Memorial Library Renovation 2015-2016

Sloane, Linda

Family background, her career path teaching and counseling, and Housatonic Youth Service Bureau

Sloane, Linda #2

Soar Program Director 2017-?

Sly, Al

Hotchkiss 1950-1970, 1955flood Berkshire Hills Music & Dance. Youth concerts, Music Mountain, Congregational Church organist and Choir Master 1970-2015

Smith, Cynthia

Lakeville Methodist Church, Fall Festival, Indian Mountain School, Mary Tuttle Barnett, Barnett's Store

Smith, Harold #1

Taconic, school, farm life, Scoville family,estate & farms

Smith, Harold #2

Scoville estate size, Taconic School & teacher Mrs. Homes. Harrison District School (Long Pond),chapel, post office school location, Taconic Reading House, Power House green houses, ski jumps, Mr. Angus, Edith Scoville, Pope estate

Soper, Joseph

Interviewer: Jean McMillen Place of Interview: Scoville Library Date of Interview: File No: 39 Cycle: 2 Summary: Keuffel & Esser, Salisbury Products Interview Audio Interview Transcript Joseph Soper Interview: This is file 38, cycle 2. This is jean McMillen. Today’s date is August 9, 2016. I am interviewing Mr. Joseph Soper who is going to talk

Sorrell, Officer Christopher

police career, Resident Trooper for Salisbury, Resident Trooper Program, previous resident troopers

Speer, Margaret

Hotchkiss , in china during Pearl Harbor, Headmistress of Shipley School

Stevens, Lorraine

Deep Lake Farm, railroads, Elsa's Kitchen, White Hart, Salisbury Pharmacy, Guardian Catering, Grove Street School

Stevens, Patricia

Salisbury Summer Youth Program

Stoer, Nancy

Interviewee: Nancy Stoer Narrator: Jean McMillen Place of Interview: Scoville Memorial Library Date of Interview: Feb.10, 2022 File No: 51 Cycle: 4 Summary: Nursing background, Hospice nurse, Board member of SVNA Interview Transcript Nancy Stoer Interview This is Jean McMillen. I am interviewing Nancy Stoer who is going to talk about

Stuart, William B.

R. C. Miller-plumber, Stuart Theater Louis Gardange butcher shop. Stuart Livery stables, Long Pond School (Whittlesey District), St. Mary's Convent School Miss Anna Stuart's School, John Rand, Charlotte Hall Reid,, David doty, ice cutting, Lakeville Manor

Sullivan, Mary Collin

Mt. Riga

Sullivan, Patrick

Mt. Riga, Lakeville Journal

Sylvernale, Parker

Col. Cleveland Lassing, Jim Selleck, various farms, Peter Arnoff, Howard Hughes, Rand & Warner Realty, Town Farm, Cannon family, Dr. Knight's school, Ellen Emmett Rand, Roosevelt portrait, sawmills, quarries, E. w. Spurr Company,

Taber, Rev. Richard

Congregational church, Al Sly, boy scouts, Housatonic Mental Health Center, Housatonic Youth Service Bureau, EXTRAS, Crop Walk, Affordable Housing, Habitat for Humanity, Lakevile Hose Co. Women's Support Services, Community Health Foundation, Hospice Program, Bissell Fund, Housatonic Child Care Center

Taylor, Mary

Interviewee: Mary Taylor Narrator: Jean McMillen Place of Interview: Scoville Memorial Library Date of Interview: April 26, 2022 File No: 11 Cycle: 5 Summary: Background, Friends of the Scoville Library, Corner Food Pantry Interview Transcript Mary Taylor Interview This is Jean McMillen. I am interviewing Mary Taylor. She is going to

Tedder, Tanya

Lime Rock Park, Lime Rock Lodge, Lotus East, SVAS, Jane Lloyd Fund,

The Cedars

The Cedars, 1955 flood

Thrall, Ethel

Lakeville 1935-1981, N. A. McNeil Insurance Company, 1953-1981, Charles Fitts, J. Kenneth Athoe

Trotta , Bud

Salisbury Market 1945, Shagroy Turkey Farm, First Selectman 1989-1995, EXTRAS, Salisbury Summer Youth Program, Trotta field, bike path, SCS 1990 Renovation,

Truax, Rev. Heidi

Sharon Computer Store, Trinity Church, Syrian family

Vail, Charles

Judge Donald Judson Warner, Frank Wells, McCabe, Tri State Park 1953, Appalachian Mountain Club, Mt. Riga land sales 1970 & 1980s, Mt. Riga,

Vail, Margie

Mt. Riga, OWLS Kitchen, Beautification Committee, Registrar Democratic Town Committee, family McCabe/Crosby/Warner,

Vaill, Gail

Lime rock Race Track, Perkins boarding house, Francis Cottage, Mulville building, Bad Corner Antique, Iron Masters Motor Inns

Vaill, James Edward

Lime Rock Park beginnings, Lakeville 1920-1930, Vaill Farm, farm life

Veras, Officer William

Interviewee: Officer William Veras Narrator: Jean McMillen Place of Interview: His office Town Hall Date of Interview: March 30, 2022 File No: 8 Cycle: 5 Summary: His background, police career, and the job of Resident Trooper Interview Audio Interview Transcript Officer William Veras Interview This is Jean McMillen. I am interviewing

Vreeland, Richard

Kent Singers, Crescendo,Crescendo Board, Housatonics

Vreeland, Susan Gomez

Quality Farm, Newkirk Funeral Home, HVRHS dress code, Methodist Church, Ben Franklin store, Barnett's store at Christmas, Bessie's Lunch, Jigger Shop, Gentile Pharmacy, Salis-Lake Jeweler, Danny Loffredo, First National

Wagner, Thomas R.

Wagner-McNeil Insurance Co, VP Salisbury Bank & Trust Company, Miss Stuart's School, Lakeville High School, Hotchkiss student 1924-1928, Hotchkiss Trustee 33 years, Salisbury School for Boys Trustee 14 years, Probate Judge Howard Landon-38 years, Housatonic Mental Health Board, Salisbury Cemetery Commission, Presdident of Bissell Fund, Congregational Church Superintendent of Sunday

Wallace, William

Anna & Ken Rossiter, Grove Street School, Marines, Wallace Rubbish Removal

Walsh, Patricia

Grove , Barnett's store Municipal Agent 1990-2002, Director of Senior Lunch Program early 1980s, Bam Whitbeck, PD Walsh Country Store

Wardell, Jeanne

Little Scholar School Jan. 1968 - 2011

Wardell, Sara & Binzen, Gaile

Scoville Memorial Library renovation 1980

Warner, Donald T.

Scoville, Warner families, Salisbury 1920-1930, Mt. Riga, Bushnell Tavern

Warner, Jonathan

Mt. Riga, ski jumps, 1930's state border fire, IMS, Hotchkiss, WWII Marine Corps, various families, DJWarner, Maple shade Inn, white Hart Inn, Scoville Car Wheels, ore beds

Warner, Sara & Beth Warner

Warner family, Lotos Lodge, Mt. Riga memories

Weber, Jeanette

Congregational Church,Salisbury Fall Festival, Salisbury Forum, Noble Horizons Auxiliary, Trade Secrets, Salisbury Association

Wells, Chany & Crosby

Hotchkiss, Beautification Committee, Mt. Riga, Housatonic Child Care Center, Noble Horizons Auxiliary

Wells, Crosby

Wells family, Wells /Warner connection, Mt. Riga Corporation, Mt. Riga, 10th Mountain division WW II

Westsmith, Lyn & Kim Simmons

Sharon Christmas Tree Farm, TLC, Designing Woman, Don Buckley & miniature funiture, Fall Festival, Congregational Church

Whalen, John

Sewer/Waste Water Treatment Department

Whalen, Martin

Baseball, Taconic, Grove,Gillette estate, Post Office-Lakeville, Recreation Committee-1967-1988, Lakeville Hose Co. Salisbury Volunteer Ambulance Service-2001, Planning & Zoning-1990, Lime Rock Cemetery Board, Lakeville

Whitbeck, Ward

Salisbury 1920-1930, Salisbury Pharmacy. Samuel Whitbeck, Satre family, skiing,

Wick, Peter

Purchase 1930 of Grey House, boarding house, Post Office description, Johann Satre & ski jumps. fish mecca, Twin Lakes RR station, CNE rr, Norwegian community Scandinavian influence, Scoville family

Wiggins, Kevin #1

Salisbury Summer Youth Program 1981-1983, Appalachian Trail, master carpenter

Wiggins, Kevin #2

Salisbury Central School, Indian Mountain School, Salisbury School for boys, Housatonic Valley Regional High School

Williams, Carl

WW II-Navy, Salisbury School math teacher, Board of Finance Chairman, SWSA, ski jumps,Strategies for Housing Trust, farming future

Williams, Chris

Salisbury, Boy Scouts, Grove, George Bushnell, Board of Assessment Appeals, Finance Board, selectman, Fire Commission, Lakeville Hose Co.,Parks & Forest Committee, Scenic Roads, Pathways & Sidewalks Committee, Grove Oversight Committee. Ellen Emmett Rand

Williams, Nancy Pollock

Lakeville Methodist church, Congregational Church, Camp sloane Scholarships, Fall Festival ,Salisbury Central School movie night, Grove sock hops, Indian Mountain School dancing lessons, girl scouts, Fishman's Breakfast

Williams, Patricia

Apothecary Shop, Grove,Dick Fitzgerald, Dotty Smih Inc. assistant town clerk and town clerk

Williams, Reed

Goodwin family, Richardson family, Marchello family, Lime Rock iron works, Lime Rock-hopes and changes, Trinity church & history, Lime Rock Post Office, Lime Rock Park, Lime Rock school, Lime Rock artists, J. Worthington's father,, Bernard Wall, C. B. Fales, 2 mansion fires, Carrie Richardson's house, Institute of General Semantics, Lyon's

Williams, Sara

Lakeville, Scoville Memorial Library, Northwest Corner Food Pantry

Willis, Roberta

Housatonic Youth Service Bureau, Planning & Zoning mid 1980s, Roberta B. Willis Scholarship Program, STEAP funds, LOCIP grant, State Representative 2000-2017, Sharon Hospital, Torrington court House

Willis, William

Founders Insurance, Board of Finance Chairman, Civic Life Project

Wilson, Jason

Salisbury-Sharon Transfer Station, Lakeville Hose Company, Fire Fighting instructor

Wolf, Priscilla Rudd

Rudd family, Salisbury School for boys, Hopp Rudd Camp, Salisbury Pharmacy, IMS and Town Hill merger

Wolf, Rose Milmine

Salisbury Welfare 1910, Mrs. Joseph Parsons, Dr. & Mrs. Beuhler, Mrs. Frink, Charlotte Milmine, George Milmine, Hotchkiss-town & gown,Hotchkiss faculty, Hall family, Spurr family

Wright, Patricia

Chore Service operations

Yoakum, Alice

Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation

Zacchea, Feliciano

Salisbury Artisans, Oxy Christine, Horace Kelsey-contractor, Bill Raysford-contractor, Salisbury stores, Congregational Church,Methodist Church, carpenter jobs, St. Mary's, Judge Warner's house, Scoville library, Hoskins' house, Hotchkiss, Academy school, Grove Street school, Lakevilee high school, Phil Warner, Selleck feed store, George Clark's stores, Twin Lakes, Scoville family White Hart, Ragmont, trains, fire