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Aller, Rodney G.

Salisbury 1884-1987, Rev. John Calvin Goddard, Congregational Church, Mt. Riga, Holley Block, Hotchkiss,, Ski jump, Davis Ore Mine, Interlaken Inn, Faram Tavern, Ragamont Inn, Dufour’s Garage, Undermountain Inn, Satre skis, Railroads

Barber, Skip

Skip Barber Racing School, Skip Barber Driving School, Lime Rock Park, John Fitch, Rotary

Barnett, William

life of Bill Barnett told by wife and daughters

Binzen, Bill

summers on Lakeville Lake, gold courses, Train trestle, Ragamont Inn, Bill Raynsford, dufour Garage, Barnett’s store, home on Brinton Hill, 1955 flood, Grove & Frank Markey, war pil

Chilcoat, Katherine

Silver Mountain Farm, Deep Lake Farm, Salisbury Central School, Town Clerk’s office, Fitch-Kane sales, Holley-Williams letter reading program, Town Historian 2005-2014, de-accessioning the Holley-Williams House, Wells Hill Harness Racing, Baroody Horse Shows

Cleaveland, Joseph

Town Hall comptroller, CPA business, Camp Sloane, Lakeville Methodist Church, SWSA