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Barton, Richard

Interviewer: Paul Rebillard Place of Interview: 29 Sharon Rd. Date of Interview: File No: 65A Cycle: Summary: family, Army 1946-1968, Lakeville Post Office Interview Audio Interview Transcript Memoir of Richard Barton Transcript of a taped

Binzen, Bill

summers on Lakeville Lake, gold courses, Train trestle, Ragamont Inn, Bill Raynsford, dufour Garage, Barnett’s store, home on Brinton Hill, 1955 flood, Grove & Frank Markey, war pil

Brazee, James Belden

Family background, military career, Town Crew, Goshen Diving Team, family connections with Mt. Riga and the Lakeville Hose Company.

Clark, John

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Ferris, dufour bus co. railroad tracks, Air Force, Jiminy Peak, ski factory in Lakeville, Gt. Barrington Airport flying instructor 1953-1997, Grove changes, Flood of 1955, E. W. Spurr Co. Walter Koladza, Dave Timmens

Hurlbutt, Donald

baseball,skiing, high school, Grove, Army, Town Strategic Planning Committee

Johnson, Laura & Earl

Lime Rock, Taconic, Schools, WW II at home, Dr. Stoddard, 55 flood, Air Force Korea, Grove

Keller, Baxter

Grove swim team, Boy Scouts, Marines, Holley-Williams Camp, guitars, scuba diving, Sultans of Soot, The Casino