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Bell, Jean

Twin Lakes, Twin Lakes Association, White Hart, Herrick Travel, Tax Collector,Zoning Board of Appeals

Moskowitz, Virginia

Twin Lakes, Salisbury, Berkshire Hills Camp, Scoville Library History Room, Town Historian 1987-1999.

O’Hara, John

O’Hara family, Hurley family,various buildings on property, Hillcrest School, Institute of World Affairs, WWII, art colony

Zacchea, Feliciano

Salisbury Artisans, Oxy Christine, Horace Kelsey-contractor, Bill Raysford-contractor, Salisbury stores, Congregational Church,Methodist Church, carpenter jobs, St. Mary’s, Judge Warner’s house, Scoville library, Hoskins’ house, Hotchkiss, Academy school, Grove Street school, Lakevilee high school, Phil Warner, Selleck feed store, George Clark’s stores, Twin Lakes, Scoville family White Hart, Ragmont, trains, fire spring of 1940