Salisbury is fortunate to have many excellent organizations that serve its residents and visitors—and many volunteers who donate their time and talents to work for these organizations. Volunteers are the mainstay of our community and contribute greatly to the quality of life in our town. Community Events members not only volunteer and help the Salisbury Association fulfill its mission, but we also promote and support other nonprofits and help connect them with interested volunteers.

We recently published the Resource Guide for Volunteer Opportunities in our Community which includes information about 49 local nonprofits, what they do, and how to get in contact. A free copy is available at the Academy Building and online (click here).

We recognize local volunteer organizations through exhibits and events.

Receiving Award

The 1741 Award was established in 2021 to recognize organizations and citizens who have made outstanding contributions to our community.
1741 marked the year the town received its charter from the Hartford Colony Assembly.  For a settlement in the wilderness to survive, neighbors depended upon and helped each other.  The 1741 Award honors the same kind of service and dedication to community as shown by our early settlers.


For a list of Recipients — click here.