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Brazee, James Belden

Family background, military career, Town Crew, Goshen Diving Team, family connections with Mt. Riga and the Lakeville Hose Company.

Brazee, Paul & Edward B.

Factory St. Ball furnace, Clark Hill Farm, Selleck/Erickson Farm, Mt. Riga 1937-1943, Mt. Riga roads, Mt. Riga fire 1928/29

Chandler, Rusty

Hotchkiss, Hotchkiss student, Assistant Director of Admissions. Director of Admissions, Sharon Hospital Board, Salisbury Fire Commission, new location of fire house, Salisbury Visiting Nurses Association Board, Salisbury Association Trustee

Dann, Evelyn

Lakeville 1925-1985, Bartle family, Indian Mountain School, IMS fire, Connie & Bill Dolittle, Tom Wagner, Denise Restout, Wanda Landowska, Lakeville Methodist Church, GatewayInn, Interlaken Inn

Fitting, Michael

Salisbury, band, sports,Congregational Church, Montgomery Masonic Lodge, Fall Festival, Water Polution Boads, Lakeville Hose Company, Salisbury 1905 fire, SWSA, Fire Marshall, Building Inspector

Garrity, Madeline

fire at Garrity home 1937, Garrity family, stone quarry at end of Cleaveland Street, Lakeville School, St. Mary’s convent School, Stuart Theater, Stuart fire, Dec. 25, 1958, First National cashier 1942-1967, Dolan Garrity Plumbing, Boarding house, rr trestle,

Gomez, Patricia

Quality Farm, funeral home, Methodist Church, Antiques Fair, Fall Festival, Rotary lunches, 1955 flood, assistant town Clerk, Town Hall fire