Fallon, Caroline

Interviewer: Jean McMillen
Place of Interview: 15 Orchard Street
Date of Interview:
File No: 41 Cycle: 2
Summary: Salisbury Summer Youth Program

Interview Audio

Interview Transcript

Caroline Fallon Interview:

This is file # 41, cycle 2. Today’s date is September 9, 2016. This is Jean McMillen. I am interviewing Caroline Fallon. She is going to talk about her experiences with the summer Youth Program. But first we’ll start with the genealogical information.

JM:What is your name?

CF:My name is Caroline Fallon.

JM:When were you born?

CF:I was born April 25, 2002.

JM:Where were you born?

CF:I was born in Sharon Hospital.

JM:Your parents’ names?

CF:Louise Fallon and Jeremiah Fallon

JM:Do you have a brother or a sister?

CF:I have a sister.

JM:What is her name?

CF:Phoebe Fallon

JM:Where do you go to school?

CF:I go to school at Salisbury Central School.

JM: You have ben in the Summer Youth Program this year, right?


JM:How did you hear about it?

CF:I heard about it through my school.

JM:Did you have to fill out an application?


JM: What was some of the information that they asked you on the application?

CF:We were asked our experience with past jobs and work. I believe that we needed a recommendation from a teacher or friend.

JM:Did you have a choice of work sites or did you put down what you wanted?2.

CF:I put down what I wanted.

JM:Which was?

CF:The summer prep work at Salisbury Central.

JM:Was there an initial meeting for all the pupils in this program?


JM:What did they cover in that meeting?

CF:they covered things like forms and signing things, but not much else was done.

JM:Did they give you any instructions about proper dress or showing up on time?


JM:If there were problems on the job, how to solve them?

CF:I think so.

JM:When and how were you notified that you were in the program?

CF:I believe I was notified in the spring through a letter. I do not remember the exact date.

JM:But it was probably in May or June?

CF:I think so.

JM:Obviously you got your first choice because that is what you put down.


JM:How long did the program last?

CF:The program lasts 5 weeks, but you have to be there for a minimum of four weeks.

JM:Do you work every day?

CF:Yes five days a week.

JM:All 8 hours or just 4-5 hours?

CF:4 hours.

JM:who was your supervisor?

CF:I am not sure. I think it was one of the custodians at school.3.

JM:Were you working with the custodians from SCS or were you working with older college people?


JM:Do you know the name of the SCS custodian that you were working with?

CF:I was working with multiple people.

JM:Do you know any names?

CF:Not at the moment.

JM:What are some of the things that you actually did?

CF:We wiped down the furniture in the classrooms, moved them into the hallways so that the floors could be waxed. We dusted and cleaned the rooms themselves. We painted and delivered boxes and supplies to different classrooms.

JM:Did you enjoy the work?


JM: Cleaning?

CF:Well it wasn’t the best part of the job, but I did enjoy the program overall.

JM:and you enjoyed the people that you worked with?

CF:Yes, definitely

JM:That’s an important part. Did you have any work related problems?


JM:Good girl. Do you think you learned anything, not necessarily about cleaning, but about accepting responsibility, or showing up for work on time? Or did you know all that stuff already?

CF:I think I did know it; it was good to experience it more.

JM:And working with different people?


JM:That is an important part. Were you paid?


JM:How often did you get paid?


CF: I think it was every 2 weeks we got our pay checks. Our last paycheck was mailed to us.

JM:You get minimum wage which is $4.25 an hour for juniors.

CF:Yes, I think so.

JM:What were some of the other places that you could have worked?

CF:I could have worked at the Grove, EXTRAS, the transfer station, and the tennis courts.

JM:Would you do the program again?

CF:Yes absolutely.


CF:It was definitely good to get more job experience before some of my peers and that will assist me later in life.

JM:Smart girl. Is there anything in the program that you would change?

CF:No necessarily; I don’t think so.

JM:Is there anything that you would like to add to this interview before we close?

CF:I don’t think so. I would probably recommend it.

JM:Thank you Caroline very much. That is what we need to know.