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Grant, Penelope H.

Maple shade (Ragamont) Inn, Barackmatiff Farm, Hessian soldiers, Dutch settlers by Dutcher’s Bridge, Indians settled 1700 by Weatogue Road, Ore Hill Mine 1731, Andy Fox, Fox Hunter bottled water, Hunter family, Grenville Hunter photographer, Scoville Library photo collection, Town Hall concerts, Grove owner. Scoville Library art shows, Noble Hoizons volunteer, Peace Vigil.

Morey, Howard Clayton #1

Brown & white churches, Grove St. Lakeville High School, and Academy schools, hunting, Mt. Riga, camps Factory St. Stuart Theater, Oxy Christine, wood products, cutting ice, kettles and troughs, Salisbury Town Fair. Fox Hunter spring water, from pig to pork

Sylvernale, Parker

Col. Cleveland Lassing, Jim Selleck, various farms, Peter Arnoff, Howard Hughes, Rand & Warner Realty, Town Farm, Cannon family, Dr. Knight’s school, Ellen Emmett Rand, Roosevelt portrait, sawmills, quarries, E. w. Spurr Company,