The Land Trust works with local landowners who wish to permanently protect some or all of their land from future development. The land may be farmland, meadow, forest, mountain ridge, or wildlife habitat. Together, we develop a strategy for each property that takes into consideration the owner’s objectives and conservation values of the land to be protected.

Conservation Easements

A conservation easement permanently restricts certain uses of land in order to protect its conservation values. The Land Trust assumes long-term responsibility for monitoring the property and ensures that the conservation easement terms are observed. However the owner continues to own and manage the land and pay property taxes. The landowner may continue to live on the land and use it in accordance with the agreed upon terms and restrictions. The landowner may sell or pass on the conserved land, which retains the conservation easement.

A conservation easement may be donated to the Salisbury Association, or for exceptional properties, the Salisbury Association may consider the purchase of a conservation easement from a landowner.

Conservation Land

Owners may donate land of significant conservation value to the Salisbury Association, or the Salisbury Association may consider the purchase of land which has exceptional properties. The Land Trust assumes responsibility for managing the properties we own. We create a land management plan specific to each parcel, improve and/or protect critical habitats, and, where suitable, make and maintain trails and signage.

How to Donate Conservation Easements or Land

Landowners interested in conserving their property should contact the Salisbury Association. We will be happy to speak with you about your conservation objectives, review appropriate options available, and guide you through the entire process. A gift of land or a conservation easement will make a lasting impact on the natural resources and scenic vistas of Salisbury and the region. It creates a legacy that will last forever.