Shannon, Celeste

Interviewer: Jean McMillen
Place of Interview: 29 Canterbury Lane
Date of Interview:
File No: 19 Cycle: 1
Summary: Wagner-McNeil Insurance,Bissell fund, SVAS,SWSA, Lakeville Lake Association, IMS

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Shannon Oral History Cover sheet


Interviewee:Celeste Shannon

Narrator:Jean McMillen

File #: 19

Place of Interview:29 Canterbury Lane, Lakeville, Ct.

Date: August 7, 2012

Summary of talk: Background of the Wagner-McNeil Insurance Company, family background. Mr. Shannon joined the company in 1971. Ralph Schwaikert bought out the McNeil sisters and then joined in partnership with Tom Wagner; number of branches, locations, staff, types of insurance sold, 2 Lakeville locations, partnership, retirement, civic duties-Bissell Fund, SVAS, church, Red Cross, SWASA, Lakeville Lake Association , Indian Mountain School, Director for the National Independent Insurance Agents of America, and his flexible work schedule to support his family.







Addendum: Celeste Shannon is doing this interview for her husband Walter who now has alzheimer’s disease and could not participate very much.