The Historical Society has an archive of more than 3,600 digitized photographs. In-person access to this collection can be arranged by appointment, and we are working to provide online access through our website.

Colliers making charcoal, undated.

Aluminum collection during WWII, 1941@ RTs 41 & 44.

Safe being hauled up Holley St. to the bank, c. 1900

Holley Mfr. Company, c. 1890, Lakeville

Lakeville Volunteer Hose Co. c. 1908

Holley-Williams House, undated

Evarts-Bradley house, Lakeville, c. 1850

Association Lunch stand, Old Home Week, 1903, Spurr Field

Picnic Group at Lake Wononscopomuc, undated

Laying water lines, Lakeville, c. 1916

View of the Grove and lake from Holleywood, c. 1900

Engine on RR trestle/bridge at Twin Lakes, c.1861

Johnnie Jordan’s horse in the Grove, undated

Main Street, Salisbury, c. 1900, from 1957 school paper by Peter Hervey Smith

Wononsco House (later, the Gateway) on RT 44, Lakeville, c. 1905

Lakeville view along railroad tracks, 1898

Salisbury 1800-1870: A Town in Transition is a 20-minute documentary produced jointly by The Hotchkiss School and the Salisbury Association. The film examines life in 19th century Salisbury through the lenses of race, gender, religion, and class. It uses dozens of images from our photo archive.