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Barber, Skip

Skip Barber Racing School, Skip Barber Driving School, Lime Rock Park, John Fitch, Rotary

Johnson, Gordon

Veterinarian, names of various selectmen, P & Z, SCS Board of Ed. Regional Bd. of Ed. HCCC, school renovation, 55 flood, Town Hall fire

Tedder, Tanya

Lime Rock Park, Lime Rock Lodge, Lotus East, SVAS, Jane Lloyd Fund,

Vaill, Gail

Lime rock Race Track, Perkins boarding house, Francis Cottage, Mulville building, Bad Corner Antique, Iron Masters Motor Inns

Williams, Reed

Goodwin family, Richardson family, Marchello family, Lime Rock iron works, Lime Rock-hopes and changes, Trinity church & history, Lime Rock Post Office, Lime Rock Park, Lime Rock school, Lime Rock artists, J. Worthington’s father,, Bernard Wall, C. B. Fales, 2 mansion fires, Carrie Richardson’s house, Institute of General Semantics, Lyon’s Store