Scott, Jill

Interviewer: Jean McMillen
Place of Interview: 33 Indian Mountain Road
Date of Interview:
File No: 106 Cycle:
Summary: Salisbury Garden Club 1913-2003

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Jill Scott Oral History Cover Sheet

Interviewee;Jill Scott

Narrator:Jean McMillen

Tape #:160

Place of Interview: 33 Indian Mountain Road, Lakeville, Ct.

Date:September 26, 2012

Summary of talk: History of Salisbury Garden Club 1913-2003: personal family background, founded in 1913 by Mr. David S. George, a florist, two different garden club national organizations, purpose of club, school projects, town beautification, fund raising event, how money was spent, one year of programs – including information about the purpose and acquisition of plants for their plant sale, flower shows, awards won, a published book in 1977,various committees, Congressional letter of January 20, 1987, disbanded in 2003 their 90th year, and special member tours.








Property of the Oral History Project, the Salisbury Association at the Scoville Memorial Library, Salisbury, Ct. 06068