Category Archives: Town Government

Athoe, J. Kenneth

Lime Rock. Barnum & Richardson foundries, Salisbury Assessor

Bell, Jean

Twin Lakes, Twin Lakes Association, White Hart, Herrick Travel, Tax Collector,Zoning Board of Appeals

Briscoe, Martha

Briscoe Farm, Democratic Town committee, League of women Voters, Region #1 Board of Education, Jack Briscoe -selectman, plane spotting. identifying aircraft

Chilcoat, Katherine

Silver Mountain Farm, Deep Lake Farm, Salisbury Central School, Town Clerk’s office, Fitch-Kane sales, Holley-Williams letter reading program, Town Historian 2005-2014, de-accessioning the Holley-Williams House, Wells Hill Harness Racing, Baroody Horse Shows

Cleaveland, Joseph

Town Hall comptroller, CPA business, Camp Sloane, Lakeville Methodist Church, SWSA

Fitting, Michael

Salisbury, band, sports,Congregational Church, Montgomery Masonic Lodge, Fall Festival, Water Polution Boads, Lakeville Hose Company, Salisbury 1905 fire, SWSA, Fire Marshall, Building Inspector

Gomez, Patricia

Quality Farm, funeral home, Methodist Church, Antiques Fair, Fall Festival, Rotary lunches, 1955 flood, assistant town Clerk, Town Hall fire