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Berry, Charles

Interviewee: Charles Berry Narrator: Jean McMillen File No: 19 Place of Interview: Scoville Memorial Library Date: Sept. 16, 2023 Summary of Talk: Family background at Hotchkiss, Town Hill 1939-43, Salisbury

Binzen, Bill

summers on Lakeville Lake, gold courses, Train trestle, Ragamont Inn, Bill Raynsford, dufour Garage, Barnett’s store, home on Brinton Hill, 1955 flood, Grove & Frank Markey, war pil

Briscoe, Martha

Briscoe Farm, Democratic Town committee, League of women Voters, Region #1 Board of Education, Jack Briscoe -selectman, plane spotting. identifying aircraft

Card, Gordon

Card family, Lakeville & Main Street changes, WWII, Abe Martin, Sullivan/Morrisey fight in Boston Corners, Hotchkiss

Chavous, Martha

Lakeville 1914-1986, Lakeville Methodist Church, Concern, VFW, Community Club

Flynn, Jack

Flynn family, Air Force. Flynn Farm, Franklin Vaill Farm(Rose Hill Farm), Paul Cleaveland Farm (Oak Wood Farm(, Albert Faybin/Dilsworth/Gomez (Quality Farm), Wells Farm), harnass racing, Lime Rock Race Track, Hotchkiss short cut, kids ski jump,, Gateway Inn, Wake Robin Inn, Interlaken Inn, railroad trestle & station, Lakeville 1920-1992

Fowle, William

Hotchkiss 1938-1950, George van Santvoord-Hotchkiss Headmaster, basketball team, baseball team, Hop Rudd’s camp, gold-Hob Nob Hill, Lakeville, Ames iron Works, Belcher family, Baur Fund, Civil War

Goodwin, Hezekiah

family, American Rev. War of 1812. iron business, Barnum & Richardson Company, Lime Rock School, Salisbury High School, farming, PO and general store, railroads

Grant, Penelope H.

Maple shade (Ragamont) Inn, Barackmatiff Farm, Hessian soldiers, Dutch settlers by Dutcher’s Bridge, Indians settled 1700 by Weatogue Road, Ore Hill Mine 1731, Andy Fox, Fox Hunter bottled water, Hunter family, Grenville Hunter photographer, Scoville Library photo collection, Town Hall concerts, Grove owner. Scoville Library art shows, Noble Hoizons volunteer, Peace Vigil.