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Goodwin, Hezekiah

family, American Rev. War of 1812. iron business, Barnum & Richardson Company, Lime Rock School, Salisbury High School, farming, PO and general store, railroads

Gustafson, Alice #2

Ensign & Goodwin families, Lime Rock 1927-1948, Lime Rock School, Lakeville Journal, Trinity Church Interlaken Inn, Dard Hunter

Johnson, Laura & Earl

Lime Rock, Taconic, Schools, WW II at home, Dr. Stoddard, 55 flood, Air Force Korea, Grove

Markey, Francis B.

Lime Rock, Salisbury, Lime Rock school,Hotchkiss, Lime rock foundries, Buckley & Buckley House, Buchnell Tavern, St. John’s, Henry Chiera, Borden Company, Scoville Manufacturing, railroad passenger and freight service

Williams, Reed

Goodwin family, Richardson family, Marchello family, Lime Rock iron works, Lime Rock-hopes and changes, Trinity church & history, Lime Rock Post Office, Lime Rock Park, Lime Rock school, Lime Rock artists, J. Worthington’s father,, Bernard Wall, C. B. Fales, 2 mansion fires, Carrie Richardson’s house, Institute of General Semantics, Lyon’s Store