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Binzen, Bill

summers on Lakeville Lake, gold courses, Train trestle, Ragamont Inn, Bill Raynsford, dufour Garage, Barnett’s store, home on Brinton Hill, 1955 flood, Grove & Frank Markey, war pil

Garrity, Madeline

fire at Garrity home 1937, Garrity family, stone quarry at end of Cleaveland Street, Lakeville School, St. Mary’s convent School, Stuart Theater, Stuart fire, Dec. 25, 1958, First National cashier 1942-1967, Dolan Garrity Plumbing, Boarding house, rr trestle,

Kelly, Mary McCone

various schools, doctors, Maude Silvernale, Branch, dineen families RR, Stuart fire, Lakeville businesses

McLane, Babs

Factory St. first selectmen, Lakeville, Beehive, Margaret Williams, Stuart’s Theater, Holley Block, Lakveille garages, McLane gas station, health care for those in need, Harry Miller’s Christmas party, summer people vs weekenders

Morey, Howard Clayton #1

Brown & white churches, Grove St. Lakeville High School, and Academy schools, hunting, Mt. Riga, camps Factory St. Stuart Theater, Oxy Christine, wood products, cutting ice, kettles and troughs, Salisbury Town Fair. Fox Hunter spring water, from pig to pork

O’Loughlin, Thomas #1

Ore Hill Mine, Lakeville 1930-1940s, Hotchkiss, Post Office, bowling alley, sledding, fishing, WWII Civil defense, airplane spotting tower., Hugo Paavola, the Jigger Shop, Bubbles & Bows, Stuart Theater, Farnam Tavern, Gateway Inn

Stuart, William B.

R. C. Miller-plumber, Stuart Theater Louis Gardange butcher shop. Stuart Livery stables, Long Pond School (Whittlesey District), St. Mary’s Convent School Miss Anna Stuart’s School, John Rand, Charlotte Hall Reid,, David doty, ice cutting, Lakeville Manor