Since 1902, Salisbury has benefited from community members who have sought to make the town more beautiful. Their passion and love of community have resulted in funds donated in their honor for projects that were especially dear to them. Through these dedicated funds, we plant and maintain trees, improve the Town Grove, and plant flowers to beautify Salisbury’s business district.

Powell Fund, 1987 – Planting & Care of Trees

The Tree Committee selects native shade trees and oversees their planting in public areas and along the main streets of our town. Florence Taylor Powell wanted to preserve the scenic value of Salisbury and supported tree planting for years. In 1987, Mrs. Powell bequeathed funds to the Salisbury Association to ensure this important work would continue in the future.

Barbara Nicholls Fund, 2020– Beautification of Salisbury

The Beautification Committee enhances the appearance of our business district by planting flowers in standing planters. Barbara Nicholls was a long-time head of the Beautification Committee and after her death in 2020, the committee found a home with the Salisbury Association. Funds were donated in Barbara’s memory. The committee is expanding into new areas, including planting in larger open spaces. One is a joint project with the Association Land Trust planting native species to attract pollinators and provide color at the Vincent Preserve.

Toulmin Fund, 1981 – Maintenance & Improvements to Town Grove

Virginia Belcher Toulmin bequeathed funds to the Salisbury Association to be used for maintaining and improving facilities at the Town Grove in Lakeville. Her brother, Ben M. Belcher, also made a significant donation in her honor the same year. Since it was established in 1981, the Toulmin Fund has helped with such diverse projects as connecting the Town Grove to the Salisbury town water system, repairing and replacing docks, purchasing a tractor, financing roof repairs, and landscaping.