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Brazee, Paul & Edward B.

Factory St. Ball furnace, Clark Hill Farm, Selleck/Erickson Farm, Mt. Riga 1937-1943, Mt. Riga roads, Mt. Riga fire 1928/29

Briscoe, Martha

Briscoe Farm, Democratic Town committee, League of women Voters, Region #1 Board of Education, Jack Briscoe -selectman, plane spotting. identifying aircraft

Chilcoat, Katherine

Silver Mountain Farm, Deep Lake Farm, Salisbury Central School, Town Clerk’s office, Fitch-Kane sales, Holley-Williams letter reading program, Town Historian 2005-2014, de-accessioning the Holley-Williams House, Wells Hill Harness Racing, Baroody Horse Shows

Duntz, Gudrun

War bride, learning English with Mae Bissell, Campbell Becket, Lakeville shops, Shagroy Turkey Farm

Erickson, Walter & Marie

Clark Hill Farm, Mt. Riga, early ski jumps, Satre family, White Hart Inn,SWSA