LaChaine, Dylan

Interviewer: Jean McMillen
Place of Interview: 41 Chatfield Drive
Date of Interview:
File No: #29 Cycle: 4
Summary: 9th grade student at Indian Mountain School

Interview Audio

Interview Transcript

Dylan LaChaine Interview

This is file #29, cycle 4. Today’s date is December 2, 2019. This is Jean McMillen. I am interviewing Dylan LaChaine who is a 9th grade student at Indian Mountain School. He is going to tell me about his educational background, the school, and anything he wants to talk about. We’ll start with…

JM:What is your name?

DL:Dylan LaChaine

JM:Where did you go to school K-8th grade?

DL:Salisbury Central

JM:What was your favorite subject at that point?

DL:Probably math or science

JM:Did you thing it was well taught?


JM:What were your sports then that you played?

DL:In the fall I played soccer, and in the spring I played baseball.

JM:Were you playing on other baseball teams?


JM:What teams were they?

DL:Housy Juniors, it is out of Canaan> It is like another team. That is basically it.

JM:Where do you go to school now?

DL:Indian Mountain School (Upper campus-Indian Mountain Road, Lakeville, Ct. Ed.)

JM:Who is the Head of School?

DL:Mrs. Soja

JM:Wasn’t she a former teacher at Indian Mountain? I think she was but I am not sure.

DL:I don’t know.

JM:Did you already have friends at Indian Mountain?


JM:They were from…2.

DL:My hockey team and other kids that I just kinda knew.

JM:from school?


JM:Did you have to apply to Indian Mountain?

DL:Yes I did.

JM:What was the application form like?

DL:It was just the basic things, just regular stuff.

JM:Did you have an interview?


JM:Did you have to do an essay question?

DL:Yes, that was in the interview.

JM:Did you have a tour of the school?


JM:Had you been to the school before?

DL:Briefly yeah, a little bit

JM:But it was not a school that you were very familiar with?

DL:No it was new to me.

JM:Tell me about your school schedule. Do you have the same schedule every day of the week, but each day is different?

DL:Every Monday is the same, every Tuesday is the same, all week, but each day is different.

JM:Do you have Saturday classes?

DL:I do not.

JM:What are you taking for academics?

DL:Science, math, English, history and Spanish

JM:Why Spanish?

DL:I had been taking it for three years at Salisbury Central.3.

JM:So it is a continuation for you?


JM:What do you play for sports?

DL:Fall is golf, winter is hockey, and spring is baseball.

JM:Did you have a hockey game this weekend?

DL:I did.

JM:How did you do?

DL:We lost 6-4.

JM:What do you do for extra -curricular activities?

DL:I play the guitar, and I take a beginning art class.

JM:You said something about Global citizenship?

DL:Oh yeah that is a class that is built into our schedule and we have to take it. That is in the fall.

JM:What do you do for community service?

DL:Well for school we do host a bunch of activities like Hoops for Hunger. People donate non-perishable food. We do more things like that. Over the summer, last summer, I did work for Habitat for Humanity. I helped.

JM:What did you do for Habitat?

DL:They were having a tag sale and I helped set it up and take it down.

JM:Oh good, that is a lot of work.

DL: Um-hum

JM:Did you participate in the Crop Walk?

DL:I did not.

JM;Have you in the past?


JM:How is the work load at Indian Mountain compared to Salisbury Central?


DL:The work load is probably harder at Indian Mountain, but it is definitely a good thing because for high school it will be tougher.

JM:Yes, it gets tougher as you go along. Do you like your teachers at Indian Mountain?


JM:Are there pupils at Indian Mountain from other countries?

DL:Yes from everywhere

JM: What countries come to mind?

DL:China, Spain, Africa, and South America

JM:Are you a day student or a boarder?

DL:I am a day student.

JM:What time do you get to school?

DL:About 8:00

JM:What time do you come home?

DL:If we have sports then 5:00, otherwise it is about 3:00.

JM: You don’t have bus transportation: your mum takes you?

DL: Yes

JM:What is the dress code?

DL:Dress pants, sweater, or a second layer, with a button down shirt underneath for the winter. At the beginning of school like the first month of the school years, you can wear one layer like a polo shirt and shorts.

JM:Do you ever have to wear a jacket and tie?

DL:Now it is not required, but you can.

JM:Meals, cafeteria or sit down?

DL:It is cafeteria where you get your food and you can eat with your friends at a table.

JM:Is it an assigned tale?


JM:Is there a teacher assigned to each table?5.


JM:Well that has not changed at least. But at dinner you don’t have family style food service?

DL:Yes it is always cafeteria style food service.

JM:Where are you hoping to go to school next year?

DL:Either Salisbury or Berkshire School

JM:Anything that you would like to add to this about Indian Mountain? Do you enjoy it?


JM:Thank you very much.