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Aller, Rodney G.

Salisbury 1884-1987, Rev. John Calvin Goddard, Congregational Church, Mt. Riga, Holley Block, Hotchkiss,, Ski jump, Davis Ore Mine, Interlaken Inn, Faram Tavern, Ragamont Inn, Dufour’s Garage, Undermountain Inn, Satre skis, Railroads

Burchfield, Caroline Kenny

Hotchkiss,EXTRAS,SOAR, Noble Horizons, Jane Lloyd Fund, SVAS, Scoville Memorial Library-strategic planning, Salisbury forum

Chandler, Rusty

Hotchkiss, Hotchkiss student, Assistant Director of Admissions. Director of Admissions, Sharon Hospital Board, Salisbury Fire Commission, new location of fire house, Salisbury Visiting Nurses Association Board, Salisbury Association Trustee

Estes, Duane

coaching at Hotchkiss & Salisbury, preaching at Congregational Church, Rotary, Sharon Playhouse

Gallup, Jean

OWLS Kitchen-early history, Lakeville Journal, Hotchkiss, Planning & Zoning Salisbury Central School-board, Democratic Town Committee, Family Services-board

Markey, Francis B.

Lime Rock, Salisbury, Lime Rock school,Hotchkiss, Lime rock foundries, Buckley & Buckley House, Buchnell Tavern, St. John’s, Henry Chiera, Borden Company, Scoville Manufacturing, railroad passenger and freight service

Mayland, Donald

Mayland chime Co. Marine Study Program LLC, Hotchkiss, scuba diving, #17 Old Furnace Road, Litchfield Bancorp Board, Finance Board, SVAS Board Chair,Market Place Board, Sewer Commission

McCord, Priscilla

Interviewee: Priscilla McCord Narrator: Jean McMillen Place of Interview: Scoville Memorial Library Date of Interview: April 5, 2022 File No: 9 Cycle: 5 Summary: Hotchkiss School, Town Hill and the merger