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Chilcoat, Richard

Lakeville, 4H, Chilcoat family, Grove, Methodist Church, baseball, Lakeville Oil Co. Salmon Creek Builders, Salisbury Central School

Johnson, Laura & Earl

Lime Rock, Taconic, Schools, WW II at home, Dr. Stoddard, 55 flood, Air Force Korea, Grove

Maus, Janet Vaill

Interviewer: Jean McMillen Place of Interview: 48 Woodland Drive Date of Interview: File No: 148A Cycle: Summary: VE Day, airplane spotting , Grove, Assistant Town Clerk, Woodland Restaurant, Vaill Farm Interview Audio Interview Transcript This

Sills, Norm #2

Institute of World Affairs, Miles farm, Hamlin Hill farm, Appalachian Mountain club, Appalachian Trail, Town Historian 1999-2005, book Salisbury from Primitive Frontier to Flourishing Town

Walsh, Patricia

Grove , Barnett’s store Municipal Agent 1990-2002, Director of Senior Lunch Program early 1980s, Bam Whitbeck, PD Walsh Country Store