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Brown, Digby

76 Factory Street, Salisbury Association, SWSA, SalisburyHousing Trust, Historic District Commission

Carlson, Laura

Interviewee: Laura Carlson Narrator: Jean McMillen Place of Interview: Scoville Memorial Library Date of Interview: March 16, 2022 File No: 7 Cycle: 5 Summary: 25 years of Salisbury Association high points,

Dunham, Inge

Crop Walk, Haiti Project, Rotary International & Interact Club, Salisbury Housing Trust

Gafney, Leo

Mt. Mary’s Church, Never Stop Praying, Syrian family, Salisbury Housing Trust, Salisbury Central School Board, Peer Learning

Hoysradt, Lester (Oogie)

Roadring Oaks Florist, Raggies, Hoysradt family, Factory St. & Riga Lane, Holley Knife Factory, Salisbury Artisans, Windy Hill Farm., Town Hall building plans, affordable housing

Lankler, Rod

various boards: Salisbury Visiting Nurses, Wetlands/Conservation Commission, Salisbury Forum, Market Place, Affordable Housing, Lake/Fitting Property Committee, Transfer Station building Committee, SOAR

Morrill, William

Berkshire-Litchield Environmental Counsel, Planning & Zoning Board, Parks & Forest Commission, Affordable Housing Advisory Board, Salisbury Association- Land Trust, Holley-Williams House, Holleywood

Oppenheimer, Mary Close

Salisbury Forum, Salisbury Affordable Housing Commission, documentary for Fire Department & Ambulance Service, art career