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Blagden, Allen

Indian Mountain School, Hotchkiss, George Van Santvoord, Dr. Noble, Robert Osborn, Tom Blagden, harness racing, Concern

Bredbrenner, Yvette

Stillwaters Farm, Swan family, travel by rail 1920-1930, Amesville school, Ellen Emmett Radn, Stillwater Farm fire

Collins, Barbara

Director of Christian Education at Congregational Church, Board of Region #1 Art fund, Salisbury Band, Salisbury Association Board of Trustees, Historical Society

Gerstel, Karin

Undermountain Weavers original, Democratic Registrar, Undermountain Weavers recent, Creative Hands, Day Care Center, OWLS Kitchen, poll worker

Grant, Penelope H.

Maple shade (Ragamont) Inn, Barackmatiff Farm, Hessian soldiers, Dutch settlers by Dutcher’s Bridge, Indians settled 1700 by Weatogue Road, Ore Hill Mine 1731, Andy Fox, Fox Hunter bottled water, Hunter family, Grenville Hunter photographer, Scoville Library photo collection, Town Hall concerts, Grove owner. Scoville Library art shows, Noble Hoizons volunteer, Peace Vigil.

O’Hara, John

O’Hara family, Hurley family,various buildings on property, Hillcrest School, Institute of World Affairs, WWII, art colony

Oppenheimer, Mary Close

Salisbury Forum, Salisbury Affordable Housing Commission, documentary for Fire Department & Ambulance Service, art career

Osborne, Robert

George Van Santvoord, Hotchkiss, social life, Art department, WWII in Pacific, Spanish War