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Latimer, Natalie Peabody

Wononsco House, Wake Robin Inn, Grove, Dave Timmems, “Nina”, Ralph Schwaikert, Randall House, Tom Lot Norton, Holley Mgf. building, The Hub, Lakeville Journal & Mr. Jones editor, Dr. Hern, Francis brothers, Mike Flynn, Tokone Hills

Levin, Macey

Interviewee: Macey Levin Narrator: Jean McMillen Place of Interview: Scoville Memorial Library Date of Interview: File No: 5 Cycle: 5 Summary: Holley-Williams House, staging of Maria Holley’s Diary, Aglet Theater, John

Lorenzo, Marchello

Ore Hill mine, Wanda’s Package Store, Stone Real Estate, Fish Real Estate,Lime Rock, Rudman Hall, foundary fire, George Richardson, Milmine estate

Markey, Francis B.

Lime Rock, Salisbury, Lime Rock school,Hotchkiss, Lime rock foundries, Buckley & Buckley House, Buchnell Tavern, St. John’s, Henry Chiera, Borden Company, Scoville Manufacturing, railroad passenger and freight service

Maus, Janet Vaill

Interviewer: Jean McMillen Place of Interview: 48 Woodland Drive Date of Interview: File No: 148A Cycle: Summary: VE Day, airplane spotting , Grove, Assistant Town Clerk, Woodland Restaurant, Vaill Farm Interview Audio Interview Transcript This

Mayland, Donald

Mayland chime Co. Marine Study Program LLC, Hotchkiss, scuba diving, #17 Old Furnace Road, Litchfield Bancorp Board, Finance Board, SVAS Board Chair,Market Place Board, Sewer Commission

McCabe, Mike

Mt. Riga, Mt. Riga Corp. 1922, Wish-Come-True, School District #14 Riga school, Lion’s Head Books, Raggie Books, baseball, Indian Mountain School

McLane, Babs

Factory St. first selectmen, Lakeville, Beehive, Margaret Williams, Stuart’s Theater, Holley Block, Lakveille garages, McLane gas station, health care for those in need, Harry Miller’s Christmas party, summer people vs weekenders

McMillen, Jean Porter #2

Interviewer: Meghan Kenny Place of Interview: 41 Chatfield Drive Date of Interview:  April 7, 2022 File No: 45 Cycle: 2 Summary: Background, teacher at Salisbury Central, Sabbatical, building of house, responsibilities of town historian

McMillen, Jean Porter #3

Narrator: Helen Klein Ross Place of Interview:  41 Chatfield Drive, Lakeville, Ct. 06039 Date:  January 24, 2024 Summary of talk: Salisbury Central School 1967-1991, “Effective Use of Retirement” Award from