Located on the south side of RT 44, about 1/3 mile west of Salmon Kill Road.  The Vincent Preserve was donated by George and Virginia Vincent in 2006.  During the summer of 2022 the Salisbury Association Land Trust, with support from members of the community, commenced a project to establish this parcel as a native meadow. 

Using an organic process, existing vegetation and invasive species were removed leaving the field as close to a blank slate as possible.   Then a seed mix, consisting of over 30 native flower and grass species chosen for this site, was applied.  The meadow planting is designed to evolve as well as to occupy all niches with dense vegetation both above and below ground in order to resist incursion by invasive plants. 

What you saw in 2023 was predominately a field of Black-eyed Susans (Rudbeckia hirta).  These are a fast-growing, short-lived plant, often referred to as a pioneer species because it quickly moves into disturbed areas.   Over time, the Black-eyed Susans will give way to other species, and the field of gold will become a more varied tapestry. 

This project is not just about providing beauty to the community. These plants, native to our area but now scarce, provide important sustenance and habitat for a wide array of pollinators, birds, and animals.