Marking Salisbury’s 275th Anniversary

An exhibit of photographs celebrating the town’s 275 years. Curated by Joan Baldwin, Curator of the Special Collections at The Hotchkiss School. She produced the documentary, Salisbury 1800-1870: A Town in Transition, a joint project with Hotchkiss and the Salisbury Association. 2016

Faces of Salisbury

An exhibit presenting the life and work of two local photographers, George Grenville Hunter (1892-1932) and John Jordan (1873-1962), who captured engaging images of the Salisbury community from the latter part of the 19th C into the 20th C. Both memorialized the faces of Salisbury residents at work, at play, and in formally-posed settings for posterity. 2015

Salisbury Soldiers in the Civil War

Experiences of individual soldiers and their units describing boredom, brief episodes of excitement, homesickness, and the frustrations of army life. 2014

Dark Hollow and Beyond

An exhibit of landscape paintings of Salisbury conserved lands and the Maine Coast by Trustee, Tom Key. 2014

Salisbury’s Natural Resources

A photo exhibit of Salisbury’s natural resources. 2013

Salisbury’s Soldiers in the Civil War, Part II


Noble Horizons’ 40 th Anniversary Celebration


250th Anniversary of the Salisbury (Lakeville) Iron Blast Furnace


At Home in Civil War Salisbury: Town 1861-1865

The pace and feeling of town life during the Civil War and its contributions to the war effort. 2012

Judge Warner’s Journal

Heritage of Salisbury’s Public Schools

The history of public schools in Salisbury. 2011

Restored Portraits


Salisbury Volunteer Ambulance Service Celebrates 40 Years

Exhibit marking the 40 th anniversary of Salisbury’s volunteer emergency medical service. 2011

Salisbury Winter Sports Association

Photo history from 1926 celebrating the new ski jump tower and the history of the 2011 Junior Olympics. 2011

Judge Warner’s Salisbury: Excerpts, Maps and Photos

Exhibit featured excerpts, maps, and photos from the book, Judge Warner’s Salisbury, published by the Salisbury Association. 2011

Land Trust Photo Exhibition: A Sense of Place

To celebrate its 35 th anniversary, the Land Trust exhibited works of four photographers’ impressions of Salisbury’s natural beauty. 2011

Dirty Dozen: Invasive species degrade natural community of plants and animals

Exhibit and talk by Jessica Toro of Native Habitat Restoration. 2010

History: Out of sight, Out of Mind?

A photo exhibit of the Cedars Country Club, a 150-acre 1930s resort on Long Pond that grew to be the largest summer resort in Connecticut during its heyday and could accommodate 600 guests. 2010

Salisbury Maps: Past and Present

Historic Maps from 18th and 19th Centuries and 21 st Century GIS maps from the Salisbury, Connecticut Natural Resource Inventory of 2009. Under Elaine and Lou Hecht’s leadership, members of the Land Trust, local citizens, and regional and state experts participated in this year-long project, initiated by the Salisbury Conservation Commission to research and document the town’s resources. 2010

Heritage of Salisbury’s Private Schools

Hotchkiss School, Indian Mountain School, and Salisbury School contribute significantly to local activities and played an important role in the town’s heritage. 2010