Salisbury’s Olympians  highlights the town’s world champion and Olympic skiers and their contributions to Salisbury and Nordic sports.  Includes memorabilia from the 1932 and 1956 Olympics.  Two-part exhibit can be seen at the Academy Building, 24 Main Street and along Indian Cave Road and at Satre Hill.
February 11 thru March 24 2022

Tom Kiefer (a silver medal rowing Olympian!)introducing his daughter to Birger Torrissen, the Olympian who taught him to cross-country ski!

Part of the exhibit includes posters along the road to, and at Satre Hill .

Tom Zetterstrom, son of Ollie Zetterstrom, III Olympian, Lake Placid, 1932, loaned us his father’s medals, book, photos and skis for the exhibit.