Salisbury 1800-1870: A Town in Transition

Premier of the 20- minute documentary, produced jointly by The Hotchkiss School and the
Salisbury Association, at the Hotchkiss School and Noble Horizons. 2016

The Burning Question about Nathan Hale

Walter W. Woodward, Connecticut State Historian, examined the connection between Nathan
Hale and the great fire that nearly destroyed NYC the day before his capture, as well as
insight into Hale’s life, death, and very real heroism. SML 2015

Frederic Edwin Church and Olana

Church (1825-1900), one of the premier landscape painters of the 19 th Century, established
his family home on a farm in the Hudson Valley in 1860. Designing home, studio, and farm
as an integrated environment embracing architecture, art, and landscape, he named it Olana,
which today is a NY State park and historic site. Valerie A. Balint, Associate Curator of
Olana, presented on Church, Olana and the Hudson River School. SML 2015

Rochambeau and His March across Connecticut

Jini Jones Vail discussed the subject of her book, Rochambeau, Washington’s Ideal
Lieutenant, a French General’s Role in the American Revolution. Rochambeau’s meetings
with Washington and the trek through Connecticut marked the beginning of the advance of
the battle at Yorktown, VA in 1781. SML 2015

Famous Faces: Portraits by Ellen Emmet Rand

Richard Boyle, former Director of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and Adjunct
Professor of art history at Temple University, discussed Ellen Emmet Rand, a portraitist based
in Salisbury. Although she painted many local subjects, she also “took the likeness” of many
well-known people beyond the state, including Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Joseph Choate,
Augustus St. Gaudens, and Frederick MacMonnies. SML 2015

Stepping Stones to Separation 1607-1860

Tom Key discussed many of the factors that contributed to the Civil War. SML 2015

Classical Villas and Gardens

Tom Hayes, President of the Edith Wharton Restoration at The Mount in Lenox, MA,
discussed many of the gardens described in Wharton’s book, Italian Villas and Their Gardens.
SML 2015

Salisbury Asylum and New England Town Farm

Peter Vermilyea, history teacher at Housatonic Valley Regional High School and Western
Connecticut State University and author, discussed the workings of the town’s farm, the
Salisbury Asylum. It was a system devised by our colonist ancestors to help those in poverty,
allowing them to farm the town-owned land. SML 2014

Two Berkshire Heroines of the First World War

Alan Price, author, discussed Berkshire residents Edith Wharton and Nina Duryea, who were
living in France when World War I broke out. Both ran relief operations funded by supporters
in the US. SML 2014

Reading the Forested Landscape

Tom Wessels, a nationally known landscape ecologist and author, led a presentation and
slide show on “reading” a forest before taking the group for a walk in the woods. SML 2014

Nature Wars

Jim Sterba, author of the book of the same title, discussed the mixture of people and wildlife
co-existing in a closely shared habitat. SML 2014

Great Mountain Forest

Paul Baron, executive director of Great Mountain Forest in Norfolk and Falls Village,
discussed sustainable forestry and using the preserve for community education and
recreation. SML 2014

The Lakeville Methodist Church: Oldest Methodist Fellowship in New England

Jean McMillen discussed the role the church played in Salisbury’s heritage, as the Rehoboth
Methodist Church of Lakeville celebrated it 225 th anniversary. SML 2014

Inns of Salisbury and Vicinity

Northwestern Connecticut was long known as a retreat from the big cities of New York and
Boston, with village inns often serving as the focal point. Dean Hammond explored the “inn’
experiences over the years. SML 2014

Restoring Public Gardens

David Dew Bruner, landscape architect, residential garden designer, and nationally exhibited
artist, discussed restoration of public gardens in New York City. SML 2014

Reconstruction and Redemption, 1863-1877

Tom Key reviewed factors influencing both efforts and the failure of Reconstruction and
results of it that lasted until the 1960s and perhaps beyond. SML 2014

Salisbury Faces

Richard Boyle presented featured portraits from the Salisbury Association art collection. SML

Gettysbury -Stories of the High Command

Presentation by David Ward with stories of the generals who achieved fame, or infamy, during
their service at Gettysburg. SML 2013

Salisbury Maps: Past and Present

Historic Maps from 18th and 19th Centuries and 21 st Century GIS maps from the Salisbury, Connecticut Natural Resource Inventory of 2009. Under Elaine and Lou Hecht’s leadership, members of the Land Trust, local citizens, and regional and state experts participated in this year-long project, initiated by the Salisbury Conservation Commission to research and document the town’s resources. 2010

Nature Wars

Jim Sterba, author of the book of the same title, discussed the mixture of people and wildlife
as they co-exist in closely shared habitats. SML 2013

Great Mountain Forest and the Regional Landscape

Dr. Paul Barton, executive director of Great Mountain Forest in Norfolk, discussed forest
reclamation after clear-cutting by the charcoal industry. SML 2013

When Baseball Was Local

Talk by Rusty Chandler about the time every town had a baseball team with its own followers
and great excitement when they played rivals. SML 2013

Voices of Lakeville

Jean McMillen and Dick Paddock led the journey through the bustling Lakeville community of
the past, drawing on the recollections of two Lakeville women looking back to their youth.
SML 2013

The Coming of the East-West Railroad

Dick Paddock discussed the significant impact and changes that came with the arrival of the
railroad to the northwest corner of CT. SML 2013

Architectural Preservation in Our National Parks

Illustrated presentation by Richard Chilcoat on architecture in our national parks and what is
being done there to preserve historic structures. SML 2013

History and Restoration of Holleywood in Lakeville, CT

Talk by Helen Ross, covering the history of the historic home and restoration of this local
mansion. SML 2013

The Webb-Deane-Stevens Historic Houses

Charles Lyle, Director and Curator of the Webb-Deane-Stevens Museum, discussed historic
houses in Wethersfield, CT. SML 2013

The Generals of Gettysburg: The Untold Story

David Ward illustrated the life and times of these generals who achieved fame, or infamy,
during their service in the great Civil War. SML 2012

Three Distinctive Divisive Visitors to Litchfield: Aaron Burr, William Franklin & John C.

Talk by Tom Key. SML 2012

The Americanization of Andrea Palladio

An illustrated presentation by Richard Boyle on 16 th Century Italian architect Andrea Palladio’s
influence on Anglo-American architectural style in the 18 th and early 19 th Centuries. His
elegant and disciplined classical style had a tremendous impact on American domestic
architecture during its age of elegance in the Colonial and Federal period of our history. SML

The History and Mystery of Bagpipes

Lee Collins described the lore of the bagipes and explained how higland pipes are made,
tuned, and played. SML 2012

The Irish and Others Came to Salisbury

Presentation by Lou Bucceri on the first wave of immigration to New England during the early-
to-mid 19 th Century as Irish refugees fled their homeland during the potato famine to work in
the infant railroad industry. Some found opportunities in the Salisbury area and put down
roots. SML 2012

Style, Truth and the Portrait in the Age of Elegance

Richard Boyle explored the meaning of portrait painting from 1760-1860 as it applies to truth
and style. SML 2012

Interior and Exterior Architecture 1750-1860

Geoffrey Rosanno and Chris Brennan explored the impact of European architecture and
interior furnishings on the architecture of Salisbury and New England. Rosanno is a Salisbury
School faculty member and author, and Brennan is an interior designer specializing in historic
renovation. SML 2012

Judge Warner's Salisbury

Jean McMillen gave a portrait of town life during the latter 1800s and early 1900s, as recalled
by an eminent town personality, Judge Donald T. Warner. SML 2011

Jewels of the Forest

Scott Heth, Audubon Director, discussed the importance of local forests to migratory birds and
how forest management practices can enhance bird habitat. SML 2011

The Roads of Salisbury

Dean Hammond traced Town roads back through the centuries. SML 2011

A Salisbury Iron 1731-1923: A Rich Heritage

Dick Paddock recalled Salisbury’s iron heritage. SML 2011

Shades of Class during the 18th Century

Deborah Emmons-Andarawis, curator of Historic Cherry Hill Museum, discussed the Van
Rensselaer and Schuyers families. SML 2011

The Holleys and the Holley-Williams House of Lakeville

A talk by Lou Bucceri and Barbara Collins focused on the Holley family and included a
documentary film that opens a window to the time when iron was king in Salisbury. SML 2011

Personal Adornment

Pauline Simring discussed antique and estate jewelry dating from Greek/Roman era through
the Edwardian and Victorian periods. SML 2011

More Than Books – Libraries, Communities and Historic Preservation

Bill Hosley, former Director of the New Haven Historical Society Museum and authority on
Connecticut’s history, focused on the area’s municipal, history, and specialty research
libraries. SML 2011

The Fascinating World of 19th Century Photography

Joseph Meehan, professional photographer, looked at the trials and tribulations of the pioneer
photographers who worked with rudimentary cameras and crude chemical processes. SML

The Beginning of Photography

Joseph Meehan used projected images and print samples to illustrate how, during its first 25
years, photography became a way of recording and preserving everything. SML 2010

Lime Rock and Amesville Communities

Katherine Chilcoat, Town Historian, presented an illustrated lecture on the early years of
Amesville and Lime Rock. SML 2010

Salisbury's First Residents

Don Stevens presented a talk on tools used by early Native Americans in our area, how they
were made, and of what materials. SML 2010

Exploring for Buried Treasures: Metal Detecting for Artifacts

Don Stevens and Chris Williams shared their experiences on how to research an area for
hidden treasures. SML 2010

Taconic and Twin Lakes Communities

Dick Paddock, local historian and long-time Taconic resident, presented a lively account of the
history of the Taconic and Twin Lakes communities. SML 2010

Scoville Memorial Library

A review of the first “publicly funded library in America” marked the 200th anniversary of the
Town’s financial support of this community resource. SML 2010

Greenhouses in America

Millbrook Garden Club president, Arete Warren, discussed the evolution of Greenhouses,
Conservatories, and Orangeries. Co-sponsored with Sharon Historical Society. SML 2010

Neoclassical Wallpapers, 1790-1820

Talk by Chris Brennan, local wallpaper historian and SA Trustee. Co-sponsored with Sharon
Historical Society. SML 2010

Litchfield County Furniture

Talk by Derin Bray. Co-sponsored with Sharon Historical Society. SML 2010