As an integral part of our educational outreach, we publish and sell a variety of books, many researched and written by past and present Association Trustees. We also publish copies of some of the historic maps in our collection and note cards of local interest. All are available for purchase at the Academy Building.


Salisbury—Historic Impressions

History and archival photos of Salisbury


A Short History of Salisbury

brief history of one of Connecticut’s foremost early towns founded in 1741, Arnold Whitridge


Arsenal of the Revolution

Anecdotal accounts of local events at the time of America’s fight for independence, Edward Fales, Jr.; revised edition edited by Kathryn Boughton.


A Capsule History & Historic Walking Tour of Salisbury Furnace at the Time of the American Revolution

Includes fold-out map and historical information on 25 marked sites


Sarum Samplings,Volumes 1-5

stories from the Salisbury Association’s Oral History Project.The volumes offer glimpses into the characters of Salisbury and what life was like for them – kids as well as adults.They recount admirable and generous acts, humorous incidents, and curious and strange doings!Edited by Jean McMillen.For a complete list of topics (click here) $5 each.

Volume 1

Character Sketches, Mount Riga Tales, A Mystery, Nature, Poems, Presidential Stories, Random Acts of Kindness


Volume 2

Baseball, Farms and Farm Life, Holidays, Hunting and Fishing, Mysteries and Murder, 1955 Flood, Salisbury CT, Too Much of a Good Thing, Town People, Trees


Volume 3

Kids Do (and say) the Darndest Things, Old Time Businesses of Salisbury, Random Acts of Kindness, Salisbury Folks, Winter


Volume 4

Oh, the Theatre, the Theatre, All in a Day’s Work, Dirt!, Love & Marriage, Oops!, Food and Drink, Tales from Mount Riga, Mount Riga Tales – Modern, Random Acts of Kindness, Traveling with Angels


Volume 5

Business, Christmas Tree Stories, Hobbies, A Modern Mt. Riga Adventure, Sports, War!rical information on 25 marked sites


Town Tidbits

compilation of popular columns that ran in the Lakeville Journal from 2015-2016, Jean McMillen and Katherine Chilcoat.


Holley Hand-Forged Knives

A facsimile of the Holley Manufacturing Company’s illustrated Catalog from 1915.Founded in 1844, the company was the first documented pocketknife factory in America at a time when everyone carried a pocketknife.


The Central New England Railroad 1867-1967

History of the CNE and boyhood reminiscences of a railroad buff, Charles Milmine and Robert Ashman.


The Journal of Judge Donald Warner

A journal of Warner’s childhood experiences to give his children and grandchildren a real flavor of what life was like in Salisbury before the turn of the century.Warner grew up in Salisbury during the last half of the 19th Century, edited by Richard C. Paddock.


John and Ethan A Revolutionary Friendship

The story of key figures who built and operated the Salisbury blast furnace that became known as the Arsenal of the Revolution, Ronald D. Jones.


Salisbury Connecticut Natural Resource Inventory 2009

the first natural resource inventory of the town’s lakes and streams, farmland, forest, critical habitats, historic sites, and other natural features, fold-out resource maps and wildlife data.Edited by Elaine Hecht, written by experts from numerous disciplines.Available online.

Available online

Highlights in the History of Salisbury

Connecticut 1700-2000, Some Known and Some Little Known Facts, a chronology of the town of Salisbury, Lila Nash and Katherine Chilcoat


Salisbury Town Meeting Minutes

1741-1784, notes of a quintessential New England town during its infancy, edited by Geoffrey Rossano.


Men of Worth of Salisbury Birth

the Salisbury Quadrimillenium Edition, historical sketches of early town leaders, Malcolm Day Rudd (1877-1942).


Rev. Jonathan Lee and the 18th Century Township of Salisbury Connecticut

an early history of the Town of Salisbury.Lee was the town’s first settled minister and served 44 years beginning in 1744,by Julia Pettee.


1741-2016 Salisbury

Connecticut 275th Anniversary, Reverend Joseph W. Crossman’s 1803 Address “Containing the Ancient History of the Town”, Joseph W. Crossman.


The Diary of Maria Louise Holley Williams

First edition edited by Dr. Helene L. Baldwin, second edition edited and annotated by Faith S. Campbell, Nancy Bushnell, and Bryon Scott.


The 14th Colony: A Brief History

Compilation of articles that ran in the Lakeville Journal,Tom Shachtman


Resource Guide for Volunteer Opportunities in Our Community

descriptions of almost 50 organizations that serve the Northwest Corner.



The Salisbury Association conserves historic maps of Salisbury and its towns and villages. Photographer Joseph Meehan photographed ten of them that have been reproduced and are available for purchase at the Academy Building.

1853 Town of Salisbury

Litchfield Co. Connecticut, Richard Clark, Philadelphia,17” x 22”.


1874 Salisbury

17” x 22”


1874 Salisbury

Lime Rock, Amesville and Falls Village, Ore Hill and Lakeville, 22” x 17”.


1899 Town Plan of Salisbury

Town Plan of Salisbury, Conn, published by I. W. Sanford & Co., New York, 17” x 22”.


1899 Lakeville and Lakeville Business Directory

published by I. W. Sanford & Co., 17” x 22”.


1899 Ore Hill and Ore Hill Business Directory

Published by I. W. Sanford & Co., 17” x 22”.


1899 Salisbury Business Directory

Published by I. W. Sanford & Co., 17” x 22”.


1899, Topographical and Historical Map of the Town and Villages of Salisbury

Litchfield County, Conn, published by I. W. Sanford & Co., NY, 17” x 20”.


1899, Salisbury Conn. (Detail of Twin Lakes Area)

published by I. W. Sanford & Co., NY, 17” x 21”.


1899, Lakeville Conn.

Published by I. W. Sanford & Co, New York City, 17” x 21”.


2018, Salisbury Open Space Map

prepared by the Salisbury Association Land Trust, 24” x 42”.


Note Cards

Boxed sets of note cards of Salisbury scenes, along with individual cards depicting the Academy Building and the Salisbury Furnace during the American Revolution.