Upcoming Events

Exhibit: World War One

Saturday September 15, 10:00 AM - Monday December 10
Academy Building

The Salisbury Association Historical Society presents: Over There and Here: Salisbury and Its People During the Great War. Come see beautiful examples of trench art, photos of the home guard, a real Red Cross nurse's uniform, stories of soldiers from Salisbury, letters from the Front and from home, and much more. At the Academy Building, 24 Main Street, open weekdays and Saturdays from 10-1.

To End All Wars: Songs of the First World War

Saturday October 20, 4:00 PM
Scoville Memorial Library

Come hear the popular and folk songs of World War I. Music tied the men on the battlefield to their families at home. To listen to these songs is to hear the cultural history of the period brought vividly to life. “To End All Wars: Songs of the First World War” is a presentation of period songs along with a discussion of the issues, events and personalities of the War, by Rick Spencer and Dawn Indermuehle.

Vanguards of Connecticut History

Friday October 26, 1:00 PM
Noble Horizons, 17 Cobble Road, Salisbury

Eric D. Lehman will discuss his new book, "Connecticut Vanguards: Historic Trailblazers and their Legacies.”

Professor Lehman is a historian of CT and his book chronicles the lives of two dozen men and women whose inventive spirit and drive left their marks on CT and the world as a whole. Some of the state's natives, like Eli Whitney and Charles Goodyear, pioneered inventions that resonate today; others like Helen Keller championed the rights of the underprivileged while Frederick Law Olmsted, Audrey Hepburn and P.T. Barnum changed our perception of the world.

Co-sponsored by the Salisbury Association and Noble Horizons. Register at the Noble Horizons website or by calling 860-435-9851.